Samsung galaxy for IR


I had the idea of using one of my old phones as an IR blaster. I have Samsung galaxy s3 all the way up to 4 or maybe even 5 laying around. I know that i have seen the phone prompt me for peel remote and one other type of universal remote app built in. I wanted to know if any one had tried this or or had any suggestions on starting to try it.

wireless charging and a unused phone would fit the bill if i could make it work with ST and Alexa.


I played with it a little but using an S4 with the Anymote app, I haven’t really messed with it that much but I know Anymote works with Echo/Alexa.


i just set anymote up and installed the alexa skill. it seems to work. i hate having to tell alexa the skill name first tell anymote blah blah.

I may test a couple of other things out and currently don’t see any integration into ST

(Bruno) #4

Have you guys tried the app called Roger? It will communicate with echo and give commands. It will not play music. No need to say “Alexa” just give the command.

It works fairly well.


I read about Roger from another post but have not really explored it, thanks for the reminder. I just let myself a note for tomorrow.