Infra red blasters

Hey all,

I had an old s6 phone lying around which includes an IR blaster. So to cut a long story short I installed the Anymote android software and found it quite happily controls my ceiling fan (which was the main reason for messing about in the first place) but then also discovered it works quite well with my old yamaha surround receiver too. Joy.

But I’m leaving the phone in place in the bedroom tucked out of sight. I need a 2nd solution to use in the front room.

I have found several cheap IR Blasters on amazon (about 20 gbp) which all seem compatible with TuyaSmart or Smartlife apps.

The advantage to android phone (or tablet) plus anymote is that I can link with tasker through the anymote plugin. So I don’t need to be in line of sight. Can leave the phone on top of the wardrobe and control the fan in the bedroom by using webcore/tasker/autoremote from anywhere.

I’d ideally like to purchase an additional cheap blaster for the front room and have similar control for the hifi etc down here. I already know that anymote works. I can’t say the same for TuyaSmart / Smart life.

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions? Or might I be best sticking with the s6/anymote upstairs, and adding an ir extender to allow it to send a signal downstairs? Another thought was to perhaps get an infrared usb adaptor (if it exists) for my android box at the TV… And hopefully use anymote with it directly. Just thinking out loud on that one.


I love my switchbot mini hub. I have my TV upstairs and all the theater equipment in the basement. I use the Switchbot mini hub and an IR extender for all of it.

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You can consider zmote, I wrote a device handler for it. Also have a couple of it in my stock if you interested.