Alexa on your Android phone with

(Paulo) #1

Most of you have already tried the Roger app but seems to work flawlessly so far. Add a bookmarked shortcut to your home screen and launch the website. Once you are signed in the rest is self explanatory. Works on Chrome, Firefox or Opera:

(Bobby) #2

It was on my to do list to check it out, but between the apps from @MichaelS and @ady624 I have no time to play. Lol

(Bobby) #3

Thanks for reminding me, this is cool! @bamarayne did you check this out?

(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #4

There’s a new app for Droid called Alexa Listens too, which is pretty cool.

Alexa Skill Testing Tool
(Bobby) #5

If you have a fire tv or fire stick, that app can use alexa too…and some things display on tv and responds through the speakers, just like tap would. I stumbled the other day and I thought was cool…(ps I know it’s been out for a while, but never got a chance to use it)

(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #6

I used to have the Fire TV 2nd Gen in my car, before the Dot’s came out. :wink:

(Bobby) #7

Ok, this little app is AWESOME!!!


just came here to say thanks to all for the great find for Alexa Listens. I was honestly waiting for Clever Objects to start working again but no longer need to wait since this does everything and then some!!!

(Bobby) #9

Tell me about it, I have Alexa on my wrist. Double tap on my watch and I can control my home from anywhere in the world with my voice. #JamesBondExperience

I have been working to enable taking a picture of my living room and displaying it on my watch. Thanks to @RBoy s Blink work, combined with @ady624 s CoRE and @MichaelS Ask Alexa I am very, very close!!!

(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #10

Which watch did you end up getting it to work on? Did one of your gear / galaxy’s work or did you end up getting something else?


I have it working on my Moto 360 1st gen

(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #12

hehe yea, me to on my LG Urbane.

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(Bobby) #14

Works beautifully on wear 1.5 Gear Live with custom face using the interaction double tap to launch. I don’t use the always listen feature because it kills the battery. But double tap is just as good.

(James) #15

If I use this app at work and say Simon says…whatever, will my Echo at home say the phrase?

(Bobby) #16

No, your phone becomes another Echo. So your phone will repeat.

(James) #17

Oh man. I had some great fun planned for this.