Samsung Fridge Contact Sensors?

Hey everyone. I just recently got a whole bunch of new Samsung appliances, and the fridge has all manner of sensors embedded. I know it has contact sensors in the upper fridge, middle drawer and lower freezer compartment and can see them as child devices under the fridge’s device entry in Groovy, and the individual contact sensors show up for export to IFTTT/HomeBridge, etc.

But, I can’t create native SmartThings automations on the sensors, they don’t show up in the app. And I don’t like the restrictions IFTTT has started putting on things, nor do the triggers I built there really work like I want them to.

Does anyone know of a SmartApp or a workaround to expose those sensors natively? I basically just want to build a fridge alarm that sends an Alexa notification when the door is opened or left open. Was able to hack it together using IFTTT and the Notify Me skill, but it’s not quite right (Notify Me doesn’t play audio messages, etc)