Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Hi all,

I am looking at buying new appliances and based off the recent prices we are really considering the Family Hub fridge.

One question I have not been able to find an answer to is whether the fridge has a Smartthings control interface.

I know it was demoed at launch but I can’t find any documentation.

Anyone have any info of whether I can control lights/routines from this fridge?

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This article may not be “current”, but look halfway down the page for a SmartThings App sample.

NB: These days the fridge may be running “Samsung Connect” or whatever the other App is called…

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yeah they just added samsung connect this week

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there’s no smartthings but there is a web browser

Hmmm… ?

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I need to test, I’m still on the old smart tiles lol

its a big screen potentially perfect for a iot controller


Thanks for the info. A little frustrating that was demoed and doesn’t work.

But actiontiles would be my preferred solution if it works!

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Wow… I have to say that SmartTiles looks great on there!

Let me know if you have any luck or issues with ActionTiles, Matt.

We can’t do any debugging on that darn fridge (ewww… bugs in the fridge :snowflake: :bug: :tomato:); but if it works, we’ll talk about featuring you in a blog :wink:!

Thanks! I’ll get going on action tiles. I’m eagerly awaiting the samsung connect/smartthings migration, then the tvs and fridge will work a lot more seamlessly with the smartthings devices.

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I have a question the refrigerator does not see my Foss camera as connected. I had to add an app to my smartthings hub for that to see my camera. But I don’t know how to add third party apps to Samsung connect

OMG! You just made my day!!! We just got a Family Hub fridge installed this week and I was hoping I could do this! YES!!!


the smarthings widget is very handy on the Family Hub. We can fit 6 or 7 devices on the widget for quick access. We use “turn off the tv” “thermostats” and a few lighting options right on the home screen widget


How can you rearrange the tiles on the fridge app to put the ones you want most at the front? I can’t figure that out.

If you open the ST app on the fridge u can choose favorites and reorder them