Anybody have a Samsung smart microwave AND a family hub refrigerator - what is your experience with using the two together?

I have the MC17T8000 microwave (smart microwave) and the RF32CG5900 refrigerator - a “family hub”.

It is (was) my belief that the microwave is capable of being controlled by the family hub. I.e., the fridge should be able to turn on the lights of the microwave, control the fan, and at a minimum, display cooking times and method (convection, microwave, slim fry, etc).

The family hub “sees” the microwave - there is a tile in the family hub for it and it also has an attached tile to it for the hood. Pressing the tile, immediately says that there is a controller to download, and it immediately fails to download, every s.i.n.g.l.e. time.

I have contacted Samsung numerous times, advising of this issue, enquiring as to what the integration between the two are, receiving case numbers, being provided troubleshooting steps… …all contact with Samsung has resulted in dead ends.

I am fully aware that my expectations of what I think should occur regarding the microwave/refrigerator combo may not be reality. I sure thought the abilities were going to be… better?

So - I surely cannot be the only guy with a family hub fridge and a smart microwave, can I? Can anyone else provide what kind of experience they have between these two devices? I ask that as twice now, a Samsung tech support agent has said that there is no integration between the fridge and microwave…, yet other tech support agents agree that the two should integrate with each other.

As far as accessing the fridge and the microwave from smartthings, everything does work as expected…

I have recently purchased an Aeotec hub, hoping that I would get a different experience than what I described above, but it made no difference.

I can provide a series of pictures to show what happens to me if anyone thinks it will help explain (trying to not muddy up my post with pictures if they really are not needed…)

TL;DR - What can you do from your refrigerator as far as controlling your microwave?



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It looks like I am the only guy that has these two devices…

This forum was set up a number of years ago so that customers could help other customers with the home automation platform and it tends to mostly have hub power users rather than appliance owners.

You might try asking your question on the official Samsung support forum, which has a separate section just for appliances. They may just send you back over here if you start talking about routines, but I think you’re probably more likely to find people who have a full Samsung kitchen over there. Seems like it would be worth a try anyway. :thinking:

I did not know about that forum.

Thanks for the link, I will certainly try that route


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