Samsung duel fuel range chime

I have a Samsung NY63T8751SG range. The range received an update via wi fi, and the timer sound changed. How can I change it back to the timer chime that it used to have?

Is there a way to roll back the firmware? Possibly through Samsung SmartThings?

The new timer chime is terrible and very annoying. The old one was great.

Yesterday was the first day I connected my range to wi fi too.

If I would have known that it would do things like this, I never would have connected it.

I called Samsung, they said their technical department can’t help me, but that they’ll refer me to the SmartThings department, who will call me back. They’re closed today, so they’ll call me on Monday.

I told them that I would do anything from downgrading the firmware to replacing the control board.

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Why do representatives say they’ll call back the next day, and never do? I never got a call back, even though we agreed today between 12-1 his time, 9-10 my time.

I called SmartThings myself.

They said they couldn’t help me, it was a chime issue, not a SmartThings issue. They did officially note my feedback about the chime, which I wanted.

They referred me to the Oven department, whom I had already spoke to yesterday.

Next, I’ve been having trouble finding parts for my model on various online parts sites. None can even find my model number.

I called the official Samsung service company, ServiceQuick. They wouldn’t really speak to me without a ticket number. I told them I wanted an out of warranty repair, but they said it didn’t matter. I had to get a ticket number.

The wait time for their oven department is 4+ hours.

They did tell me their website for parts.

Finally I could find my model number, and parts for it.

Here’s the controller:

According to this, it’s non returnable:

So it seems like if I order the part, I’m stuck with it, even if it doesn’t fix my problem. Fine, I guess.

So now my options seem to be:

Get myself or a handyman (cheaper) to install the part, after ordering.

Get a service company to do it.

From the quotes I’ve gotten from service companies, the way they work is that they send a technician out.

The technician comes up with an estimate. If they can do the repair then, they’ll do it. If not, I have to schedule another appointment.

If I decline the repair, I pay a service call fee.

Because of that, I can’t really get quotes with labor from more than one service company, because of the service call fee.

But, if I have the part in hand, hopefully this can be done in 1 appointment.

What I want to do is tell them to do the swap, if it doesn’t have the old chime, then just swap it back again, and I’ll just be stuck with the part.

When I was talking to the SmartThings rep, at one point, she said she sees other people complain about the chime too.

I asked where?

She said on the Samsung community.

Do you think she was lying, and was just using a tactic to try and show (fake) concern? It would take at least 15-30 seconds to read through complaints, then see if any of them matched mine. Not sure she would have spent that kind of time doing so, on a call.

Also, the Samsung oven department called me back 9.5 hours later. They had originally estimated my wait time would be 4 hours, 5 minutes.

Even though my oven is out of warranty, they will cover parts and labor, through Service Quick.

If that’s the case and they cover parts and labor, I’ll go through them.

Otherwise, I’ll order the part myself.

The Samsung ServiceQuick technician came.

He tried to downgrade the firmware, but couldn’t.

He had brought a control board with him. But he said that all of the boards that they have access to, are updated. He said you have a 2020 oven (December 2020), we have 2022 updated boards. He said he can tell from the date.

So he said he wouldn’t do a parts swap.

I am trying to order a control board myself, and hope it has the older firmware.

Also, I just found out they changed the chime when preheating too! It’s another annoying melody.