Samsung Dryer support in IFTTT

I just connected my Samsung washer and dryer and see that the washer shows up in IFTTT, but the dryer doesn’t. Am I missing something or are there any plans to eventually allow IFTTT to see my dryer events?

Experienced same,
Powered on rediscover, still no option.

Trying to make a rule when dryer complete an sms is sent.

I’m having the same problem. Did you find a solution?

Not yet, but I suspect that there just isn’t IFTTT support for the dryer.

I am going through SmartThings support because I think I can do what I want through the new ST app if it allowed me to create routines based off of the appliance. That seems like it should work but every time I try to submit a routine that references appliance state I come back with network error.

My end goal is to get Alexa to announce when the cycle is done for the dryer. I already have that working with the washer via IFTTT.