Alexa/Smart Things / Washer and Dryer

I just purchased a WA54M8750A washer and a dryer and have connected them to the smart things app without issue, I have installed the smart home skill with my alexa voice assistant but when I go into discovery the two devices do not show up. Has anyone successfully integrated their Samsung washers and dryers with Alexa and if so how.

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I have the same issue. I don’t see any replies to this 8 month old thread. So I guess the answer is no?

I called for what seemed like days trying to get an answer to no avail. Nobody knew anything. Seems like they make lots of promises but really no answers. Was hopeful when I saw the new smart things app update but nope. Not sure why it’s called smart things. The best I have been able to do is to get it to send a message to my iPad when it’s done.

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Washer and dryer is currently only supported in Google. Amazon Alexa does not have APIs for washers etc yet but regardless of that we are working on a solution.

Perhaps they could do something about the washer and dryer constantly disconnecting while you are at it. Why washers and dryers don’t have an api as you say, they do have an ability to send notifications (or receive) when the cycles are finished.