Next Developer Discussion will on on 1/13/15 - 5pm PST / 7pm CST / 8pm EST

SmartThings Community!!

Time for another developer call! Come join us to learn about being a developer on the SmartThings Platform!

Here’s a preview of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Ambassador Program
  • Samsung Developer Conference
  • CES Follow-Up
  • AT&T Hackathon Follow-Up
  • Plus maybe some other cool things
  • Q&A

To join the Meeting:

To join via Phone:

  1. Dial:
    +1.888.240.2560 (US Toll Free)
    +1.408.317.9253 (Alternate number)
    +44.203.608.5256 (UK)
    (see all numbers -
  2. Enter Conference ID: 254201385

Nice one :slight_smile:

did you manage to get the recorded footage from the last one? :slight_smile:


You mean this one from 12/16/2015?

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The recording got corrupted :frowning:

We are going to try it again this week. They’ve assured me it was a one time hickup

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Howdy Tim,

I had a few questions for the call.

  1. What is going on with Sonos development and total integration?

  2. Is Support for Kuna lights planned at all?

  3. Support and integration of the Aeon Labs Power Bar still under consideration?


Tune in and I’ll answer these!:smile:

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Yay! Can’t wait! :smile:

Call recorded this time!

Will post in the next 24 hours. :smile:

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Good to hear. Totally forgot that was last night. Really need to actually join one live one of these times

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Could you post the link here in this thread when it’s available? Totally forgot about it last night.


Watching now. Sounds like some exciting things coming up

@jody.albritton - For the bed device, I’m looking at integrating the Chilipad ( ). It’s great for temperature, two zones, but it doesn’t have any of the sensors, so you’d have to combine it with other sensors. It has a simple RF remote, but I haven’t started investigating it yet.

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@obycode let us know how we can help

Thanks @slagle. Can you extend the day to 30 hours?

Honestly though, I think the SmartThings side of it will be easy. The hard part will be figuring out the RF part. I think others on the forum have played around with RF devices, so I’ll start by checking out those projects. Why can’t it just have Z-wave?

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