Weekly Update from Alex - 04/29/16

Another week has gone by and it has been a busy one. We kicked off the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) on Wednesday while our engineers continued to be hard at work making improvements to the platform.

We were lucky to be able to leverage SDC as an opportunity to hang out with and get to know many of our developers and partners throughout the event. Special thanks to @625alex, @pstuart, @tgauchat, @thehands1, @obycode, @strykersks, and many others for your presence and support!

Developer Appreciation Meetup

But SDC wasn’t the main focus. This past week we were able to make a few changes that will help set us up for the next few weeks and months:

Platform Updates
We continue to take additional steps to grow and scale our platform. Robert Parker (our new SVP of Engineering) is taking a deep look into our entire platform from the code that runs it—to the experience you have when you use it. This week, we pushed a few key updates to enable developers to create new accounts in the IDE and fixed an issue with simulation in the IDE for new customers and developers.

Smart Home Monitor
We made some changes to the relationships between events and subscriptions to make subscriptions faster and more reliable. This is another step to make arming and disarming of Smart Home Monitor more reliable.

We are continuing to make forward progress in stability and reliability and hope that you are seeing it in your everyday experience. I will provide another update next week, and also look forward to speaking with those of you who are able to join our Developer Discussion next Wednesday when both Robert Parker and I will participate.



@alex Thanks for hosting the developers meetup. It was so nice meeting you and so many others from the SmartThings family.


We enjoyed having you guys! It was a blast getting to know everyone!


It was awesome to meet you too! Next year even bigger!


@alex Thanks for the update on the platform going forward and good to see improvements in the IDE. Could you comment on one big item missing from the IDE - GitHub integration for UK customers. GitHub is a key way to gain access to shared devices, apps etc. and is missing from the UK platform altogether. Contacting support etc. provides an answer of they know and it might be coming, but they don’t know and won’t connit to anything.


@Roy_Donaldson, the Github integration is being re-worked in the form of a CLI and will launch for everyone.


@alex and @slagle

Please fix Zigbee device that quit responding. Everything is just fine, then they no longer respond. This happened to 4 of my devices this week. It can be lights, switches, and whatever. I have 40 devices, this should not be a problem. The automation that my girlfriend uses quit working, then I have to stop whatever I am doing to fix them.


@Walter Have you opened a support ticket? If you have, please PM me the ticket number and I will take a look for you.

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@jody.albritton I’m having some seriously problems with my zigbee lights too: support ticket 216033
I’m unable to control colour temperature.

As always, thanks for the update, @alex. Much appreciated.

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@Jody I just opened the ticket here is the number 216460. In most cases when I read 4 or 5 posts for the same problems that I have I do not make a ticket.


DUDE!!! me too!!! We had a power outage and I thought that was the reason. Any progress on your issue with this?

@jody.albritton @ajma Has this issue been addressed? Were you able to get it working? Ive already done a reset on the devices and the color temp still is not working.

choosing colours no longer works properly with hue light bulbs for me. the colour picker is messed up. i choose a colour then 1 second later it goes back to the previous colour. and yes, i am already dealing with support. it was working fine forever until 2 weeks ago. nothing has changed on my end. really annoying. sometimes when i turn the hue bulbs off they will turn back on and off 10 times in a row.

the total lack of consistency with smartthings is it’s biggest flaw. i feel like i am playing roulette every time i use something on smartthings, or come home… “i wonder if will it work this time?”

good thing i am not using smartthings for anything critical or i wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

i guess that’s what i get for investing into 73 devices. :disappointed_relieved: