Need help getting MCT370 door/window sensor to work


Sercomm Corp: SZ-DWS04
Visonic: MCT-370 SMA
has anyone been able to get these window/door sensors to work
I can detect them
If i attempt the open/close i can not get them to work
If I use the Tyco door/Window sensor i get temp readings working but stay in open position (for the Visonic: MCT-370 SMA)
i don’t understand code unless someone me exactly what to do :wink:


(jkp) #2

try the SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor device type for them. see if that works.


I just tried both and no response at all… :confused:

(jkp) #4

Only other thing I can think of to try is the device handler for the visonic 340 E but doubtful it will work


I tried that already unless this is custom somehow?


in a few other posts people are suggesting this:

" for those hoping to use them, all that’s needed to get full functionality is to add an additional fingerprint to the already existing Smartsense Open/Close sensor:
fingerprint inClusters: “0000,0001,0003,0020,0402,0500,0B05”, outClusters: “0019”, manufacturer: “Sercomm Corp.”, model: “SZ-DWS04N_SF”, deviceJoinName: “Sercomm SZ-DWS04”

I have attempted this by inserting the exact, but when saving it gives me an error.
could this potentially work ?

(phil) #7

O I am using these for temp sensors since they seem to work the best and a very consistent. I have tried to make modifcations so that it shows temp instead of open/close. Actually I would rather have it only show temp but every time I try to edit it the device stops working. Anyone able to make a few edits for me and I can use this to edit others. Thanks

Visonic Door/Window Sensor MCT-340 E – Temperature Update Intervals

apparently people have gotten them working, i just need someone to tell me how… I have scoured the internet and put hours into this still no GO… most sensors pair fine with ALMOND PLUS but other things don’t work on the ALMOD (this is how I know the sensors aren’t fully)

if anyone knows how to get any of these sensors working please speak up :slight_smile:

(phil) #9

Are you just using them for temp or temp and contact. Because if you are using them for just temp I have used a copy of @ArstenA 's Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor and applied it to this one and so far so good. Getting checkins a lot more often. You have to remember if the temp does not change during the checkin it will not report however it will give you the new checkin time. As long as @arstena is cool with it I can post it here. Still making a few mods

Checks in every 5 min