Samsung Connect Home Router and Ethernet Backhaul

Having just switched from a v2 hub to a set of 3 Samsung Connect Home, I’m wondering about connecting Ethernet backhaul.

I haven’t found any documentation on how to set it up if it is supported (as some comments and reviews seem to suggest). Would it require a switch coming directly off the incoming ISP gateway and lines going to the out ports on all three units? or would the satellites use their out ports to the internal network from the master?

Anyone have this working and can give me some pointers?


I was going to try this tonight because my second hub is just barely within range of the main hub and speeds are a little slower than I’d like. I am going to try using the out port on the main hub to connect to the in port on the remote hub. I would hope this would be all that is required as that is how it works with other mesh systems. A speed test should confirm whether or not this works. I’ll let you know.


So has it worked? Can it be combined with the initial Hub v2 in this respect so you get 4 points leaving the Hub 2 as the main master and the 3 connect home units to work as satellites?

I haven’t had time to play with it yet. Even if samsung connect supports it, I highly doubt the hub ever would. That would be a whole new comms layer for what looks to be a hardware platform in maintenance only development.


I just set this up the same way. I found that if you connect the backhaul line to the “Out” port it works. I verified by checking packet counters on my switch.

I have three of them and would like to use ethernet backhaul.

When you say you connect the backhaul line to the “out” port what do you mean? My reading of this is that you have the main unit, with the “In” port connected to the router. You then connect the “in” port of the secondary unit to the “out” port of the main unit?

I have a managed switch so I’m guessing that if I set upo a vlan on the switch with 3 ports, and connect the “in” ports of the secondaries and the “out” port of the primary to the three assigned switch ports, this should work?

So is wired backhaul working? I would love it that is the case

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Please confirm, is it working?
I am going to switch my V.2 hub to Connect Home Pro.

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I registered just to confirm that the Samsung Connect Home 3 pack does support wired Ethernet backhaul. I have a 3 pack and connected wired in different parts of my house and the speeds are 100% of my ISP’s advertised speeds. I have it in a Main Unit >> Switch >> 2 Satellite Units configuration.