Samsung Connect Home Pro mesh Ethernet backhaul

I have three Samsung Connect Home Pro units. Is it possible to use Ethernet backhaul with these? My new home has Ethernet in every room so I’d like to take advantage. I have the mesh system in bridge mode. Here’s my setup:

Modem/Router >> Connect Home Pro (main hub) >> Switch >> Connect Home Pro ( 2 units)

I can only get one additional unit to work with Ethernet backhaul. If I plug both into the switch I lose my network. Also if I happen to unplug the 2nd unit with Ethernet I have to unplug all 3 and plug in each one one by one again or they won’t connect and I have no network. I’ve also noticed devices having a hard time finding an IP at times with this setup

So while I have the main hub and a second unit with Ethernet I can’t get all 3 to work on Ethernet and have to leave one on WiFi only and my network seems unstable.

So this leads back to the original question. Do those Samsung Connect Home Pro units even support Ethernet backhaul or do I just have some quirky setup that works unofficially?

Thanks for any input!!

did you ever get this to work ? i was only able to get two connected this way the rest were wireless

It would work, but anytime I had to reboot a unit it was pita to get it setup again. I ended up going with a tp-link deco setup that is designed to work with Ethernet backhaul.