Samsung Connect Home Pro wired backhaul

I am currently on V.2 hub and it’s working good.
My home has 3 stories and I put my V.2 hub on the 2nd floor. My main internet router also on the 2nd floor.
I use smart outlet as ZigBee repeaters for sensors and lights.
And I have an infrastructure ethernet on 1st floor and 3rd floor.

Recently I looking to upgrade my network and I found Samsung Connect Home Pro.
I plan to put 1 hub on each floor as it should extend both wifi and ZigBee network.
I am wondering, can I connect each hub via ethernet cable?

I found the other mesh router (velop and google wifi) are support backhaul.
But cannot find any confirm documents that wired backhaul is working on Samsung Connect Home or Pro.

It will not extend your zigbee network. Only one device has the zigbee stuff. (I think) If it does have a zigbee repeater, it doesn’t extend it over ethernet, just over normal zigbee protocol.

Thanks, and sorry I may not clear.
Ethernet solution purpose only to extend my internet network.
As Connect Home are mesh system, but I already have ethernet infrastructure.
Should I use it to connect all hub? Is Connect home support wired backhaul?
Or leave ethernet and head to new mesh system over only wifi.

And yes, I know the ZigBee doesn’t extend over the ethernet.
But I saw Smartthings Support article that Connect home will act as ZigBee and Z-Wave repeaters over mesh system. I just think to replace my AP on each floor with Connect Home sub hub.
It should make my ZigBee network stronger.

This can’t be true, (the part about only one having the zigbee radios) because you can buy them individually and they all have the same product number as far as I can tell. In other words, you can buy two now and add a third later if you need to and there is nothing that would indicate the one you buy later is any different then the two previously bought.

I’m not sure how it works. It wouldn’t surprise me if Samsung disables the Zigbee and zwave radios on the non-primary device.

From my understanding, they repeat just like any other repeater. However, there is no repeating over ethernet which is what would be awesome.

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I agree it should repeat but I can’t find any info their site to confirm that. I wouldn’t put it past SmarThings to 100% disable the radios when only used as part of the WiFi mesh network. The site only references extending the WiFi network.

My house has ethernet prewired throughout. Can I, and is there an advantage to adding the connect home pro units using the ethernet rather than wireless?