FAQ: Does the New Samsung WIFI extend the Smartthings network for zwave/zigbee?

Has anyone purchased the new Samsung wifi routers , in order to extend their SmartThings Zigbee & Zwave network? I was just wondering how well it works and how it is actually executed. I am still on the old Smartthings app.

Note: i know certain repeaters can extend Zigbee/Zwave, but that is not possible in my house - only wifi/ethernet would do…


It’s important to note that the Z wave and zigbee features work exactly the same way as any other Z wave or zigbee device that is a repeater would. You don’t get any better coverage then you would by just putting a plug in pocket socket in the same location.

It is not Z wave over IP or anything like that. It’s just that each of the sub hubs in the Samsung Wi-Fi mesh devices includes a zigbee repeater and a zwave repeater.

So if you can’t get a signal to a plug-in pocket socket in the same location as the sub hub will be, you won’t get any repeating benefit from the sub hub either. :disappointed_relieved: But if your mesh does reach that far, then you are getting an extra repeater without having to add an additional device.

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Yikes. So let me be sure:

I have a guest-house outside of my house. Currently, it is impossible to put repeaters between house and guest-house. The guest-house does however have Ethernet internet connection, which this cable goes underground back to my house - so all the ethernet/wifi is one network throughout both houses. So in this particular case, are you saying that although the Samsung WIFI routers in both houses are 1 networks, they will in fact not be able to extend the zigbee/zwave network from the house to the guest-house ? If so , that is really lame. Any solutions?

Yes. The fact that the Sub hub acts as a zigbee repeater doesn’t make its range any different than any other zigbee repeater you might put in the same location.

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There is a how to article in the community – created wiki that discusses different methods for automating an outbuilding. Those are the only methods I know of.


this is really dissapointing. can you please provide the feedback to smartthings team. we really need and want a wifi/ethernet way to extend the network

I’m just another customer. We all help each other here, but it’s just a peer to peer forum. You can give them your own feedback by contacting support. :sunglasses:

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Depending on exactly what you want to do in the guest-house, Hubitat has a novel solution that would meet your needs. You can link two Hubitat hubs together, over Ethernet, to allow physical devices on one hub to show up as virtual devices on the other hub. And, vice versa if desired. You could have both hubs run automations, or configure more of a master/slave relationship. How you use the tools is up to you.

Hubitat also allows you to have SmartThings devices show up in your Hubitat hub. Again, this is using Hubitat developed software. In this configuration, the ST hub sends updates to the Hubitat hub. The communication is one way.

And, of course, there is nothing stopping you from writing you’re own version of these designs to link two SmartThings hubs together.

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sorry i didnt realize!

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SmartThings staff Will have a “staff” badge on their avatar, with a little blue presence sensor icon in the lower left.

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