Samsung Button double tap - phantom action

I have a samsung smartthings button. At some point in the past, I set up the double tap to toggle a smart bulb and turn on a virtual switch. At the time, I seem to remember that double tap was not a built in setting (item1 below). Or there was a complication with that… So maybe there was some weird workaround. I can’t remember.
Fast forward many months and one pandemic later, I don’t remember “where” I set these actions for double tap for the button so that I can undo them.
Here are the obvious locations in the app that I’ve checked:

  1. Smarthings app (new): Button 1 controls: Double pressed: “No actions assigned”
  2. Smarthings app (new): Automations: There was an old automation that turned on the virtual switch upon double tap. But the automation was deactivated/paused. I deleted the automation entirely. (either way, it never did anything relating to toggling the smart bulb). Deleting the automation did not affect the actions. Double tapping the button still toggles the smart bulb and turns on virtual switch.
  3. Smarthings app (new & classic): Smart lighting: nothing relating to the button
  4. webCoRE: Nothing relating to the button.
  5. IFTTT: Nothing relating to the button.

Double tapping the button still toggles the smart bulb and turns on the virtual switch (the virtual switch then talks to Alexa and has Alexa do something that couldn’t be done w/ ST).

Is there anywhere else I could have defined the double tap action? I want to change the double-tap action to do other things, and stop these actions.
Perhaps I can just unpair then re-pair the button with the ST Hub(v2)?

The typical fudge to get around the ‘button’ attribute only having ‘pushed’ and ‘held’ values was to add a ‘buttonnumber’ in the event data. So, for example, a normal push would be button number 1 and a double press was button number 2. Smart Lighting and webCoRE both understood this approach but as you’ve said they have nothing related to the button so it still won’t be them. Anything other apps like Button Controllers that have been forgotten about?

I think I know what you’re talking aobut (i have “basement switch-button” that I use for double-tap of a Z-wave wall switch, which was installed with the custom DTH of that wall switch). But nothing like that in relation to the actual smartthings button.
Would disassociate/re-binding fix this problem?

Are you using the stock DTH for the Button? Check that in the IDE and if not, move it to the standard Button.

It uses the “SmartSense Button” and is “Published” (not self-published). Is this what you mean by “standard button”?

Yep, that’s the standard. I was hoping you might have been using something different causing the issue.