Samsung Aircon not discovered in Alexa

I have a Samsung Premium Aircon with WIFI. It used to work with Alexa via Samsung Smart Home App. With Smartthings, it is not discovered anymore in Alexa. Also, I tried creating scenes which I deleted already but Alexa still discovers them.

Anyone have the same problems?

Hi there - I just found your thread, I seem to be having the same issue, installed a Samsung AC, have it working OK in SmartThings (that wasn’t documented very well!). But Alexa will not discover it. I’ve tried looking at the setup in the Web portal - I’ve changed the type to a Samsung OCF Air Con (as this wasn’t set), I’ve tidied up names etc. I’ve also tried creating a dummy AC unit - neither are found when discovering devices.

Did you get this working at all? I’m running out of ideas, I’ve only used SmartThings for this and not Samsung Home App.

Unfortunately never worked. Even with the latest updates. What I did is use my broadlink smart hub and connected my samsung Aircon to it so that my Amazon Echo will recognize. Not perfect but works.

After the app update, Alexa can now recognize my Samsung Aircon.

Hi - was this a smartthings update? I’m in the U.K. and haven’t had an update for two weeks. How did you find out it now works, in the alexa app? Finally which device handler are you using. I’m really hoping this is on its way here shortly.

I got a Smartthings App update last Oct 22. Did you activate the smartthings skill on The Amazon Alexa App? The Samsung Aircon just became recognized on the Alexa App.