Question about samsung account

I have smartthings setup at my mother in laws house. The samsung account is in her daughter’s name, which I created when I had set everything up. Is it possible for me to transfer that account to mine, then give access to all of the siblings for that house without giving them access to my house. My mother in law is soon to have nurses & I’m setting up more cameras.

Invite your account in Members. You can’t ‘transfer’ the location without a total rebuild, but you can do just about everything you need to as long as you’re a member.

@nathancu I only have 1 camera, door sensor, motion sensor & speaker setup. So what I was hoping to do is add that as another location, but under my account. I have more cameras coming & once I get them I’ll add them.

So do I have to keep the account in my sister in laws name? I really don’t want to.

You could go modify the Samsung account and ‘take ownership’ of it if you want… But the security model Samsung is using builds the ‘location’ in the account that made it. What’s unclear is if location is actually stored in a database somewhere and Owner is an attribute that can be changed (best case, would mean it’s technically possible with help from support) or if they have some kind of entity that contains the location that is inherently tied to the owner.

Either way, adding yourself as member would make it manageable. and you can entertain a ticket with support to ask them to ‘change the location owner’

Ok so then ads me as a user to her account. Then see if support could transfer ownership?

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Yep - and if they can’t you can still manage the location.

Ok then that’s what I’ll do. Only problem is we dont talk but I’ll bite my tongue. Once I do this then can I control everything from my phone? I would like to delete everything from hers I’d possible. & could that house be managed through my smartthings app?

Yes it will show up as a separate location.

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Ok @nathancu got everything up & running yesterday. I’m going to see if I can get @Brad_ST help b4 calling support because I dread dealing with someone who will most definitely not now what I’m talking about.

@nathancu is there anyway doe my in laws to view camera feeds in the smartthings app? I have 3 cameras so far hooked up but when my in laws are viewing the feed, there’s nothing to select to.view the videos

@Kianoosh_Karami @Brad_ST @SmartThings I’m trying to get some help without having to contact support.
I have smartthings setup at my mother in laws with multiple cameras. I setup the account under my sister in law but would like switch it to my account or my brother in laws account, but probably me because I’m the one who maintains the setup.
Is there anything you can do to help me. The only other issue is all the invitees (her children) can not view the saves video clips. Seems it’s only allowed under my sister in law. I’m trying to get everything setup since my mother in law will eventually have nurses in her home.

If you are asking if support can transfer the location to your account, the answer is no. I’m not certain but it is possible the location owner is the only one with access to the clips so you should set it up under the account that will need to access the clips most often.

@Brad_ST thanks for responding. I spoke support today & they said they cant transfer it over. None of the invitees can review the clips.
I have at my mother in laws house 1 version 3 wifi hub, 4 smartthings cameras & some Samsung door sensors & samsung motion sensors. I’m looking to reset the whole thing & add my account.
Would my steps be… unpair the sensors, factory reset the hub & reset & re add the cameras?
Only other question I have is since I have my house hooked up to smartthings & I’m adding my mother in law as another location, when I invite them, would they also have access to my house?
Thank you

If the sensors are all first-party sensors then they are Zigbee and you can just reset them when you re-add them. I would sign into, navigate to the hub page and delete the hub. I would then reset the hub and cameras just to be sure you’ll be able to re-add them. Then on your account you can create a new location, add the hub and cameras. When you add the sensors you’ll need to reset them which is usually done by pressing and holding the reset button. Sometimes you need to take the batteries out first.

And no, sharing used to be at the account level meaning ALL locations were shared but for several years now it has been at the location level so you can share just the one location without granting access to your house.

Reset steps for the hub:

unplug the power cable from the back. Then, using a pin or similar tool, hold down the RESET button. Continue to hold the button while reinserting the power cable, and until the LED on the front switches from flashing yellow to solid yellow.

Reset steps for the cameras:

Press and hold the reset button located on the back side of the camera for 15 seconds, and then release the button. The camera will make a “click” sound and the status LED will start blinking green, indicating the camera was reset. The camera is ready to connect with SmartThings once the status LED starts blinking amber