Samsung 9" Galaxy Tabs (used) control panel $49

While not the newest or fastest by any stretch, would make a nice true Android control panel for < $50. Is officially OTA update to 4.04 Lollipop

Use code A4C50 to take 50% off the $99 price

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You should include the fact it’s used.

That is completely clear in link and in the item description. I did mention it is old and can be " updated to Ice cream " . When was the last time you saw a New anything running Honeycomb ?

They also have some Refurbed Sony S tabs for $75 if you prefer that to a scratch & dent galaxy tab

I was just saying you should put it in your title or description rather than having someone click the link. You would get destroyed over on SlickDeals or Fatwallet for not including that information haha.

Again actually read my OP, clearly states used, right in the URL

" samsung-galaxy-tab-8-9-i957-tablet-16gb-wi-fi-4g-used "

I’d be more worried about A4C shutting down the 50% off code because I shared it, than what anybody on Slickdeals or FatWallet has to say about a link I put in ST forum .

Yes, because the url is exactly where most people get the information about a post. Not sure why I even bothered.

Thanks OP. Picked up 2 $99.95 - $12 cashback - 3% from the CC.
/2 = $41 each that not a bad deal.

Goldilocks syndrome. The 7" was too small; the 10" too big. The 9" will fit perfectly. (TWSS)

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Was tempted but then saw the description on the website. Pass.

NOTE: This item contains heavy signs of use which may include scratches, blemishes and dents to the body of the unit. The LCD screen is in good cosmetic condition though…

That was why I suggested them as wall control units. If they are stuck on the wall, nobody is going to see any scratches and dents . LOL


RLD, How dare you take advantage of our oblivion and post such a deal!

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Ya I know, I almost took it down, since saying it was " not the newest" tablet and having the URL and description both plainly state it was used was not good enough. I was still wrong to post a 9" tablet for < $50 that actually runs Android and can easily be used as a control panel. I would NOT want a tablet designed to run Honeycomb as my every day go to device. Might give it to the grandkids to play with though.

If I didn’t still have 3 of the Fires I haven’t taken out of the boxes I would have grabbed a couple of these just because of the 9". Pretty sure wife would kill me if she finds any more “new” tablets kicking around though.


My order was canceled. Not in stock. Money refunded. My addiction must really be serious if retailers are trying to curb my spending.