$60 10" Android control panel 3/21 daily deal

(Realy Living Dream) #1

" Old " Refurbed Motorola Droid XYBoard (MZ617) 10.1" . Can be updated to AOS 5. With 6% back from TPC end cost is only $56 for a 10" Action/Smart tiles control panel . Does have VZW 4G sim, so could even be a back-up hotspot if so inclined

(Steve Jackson) #2

If they are as solid as my old Xoom (which I still use) then these things are built like tanks and that’s a great price.

(Realy Living Dream) #3

These were the replacement for the Xooms , so yes I’m assuming that they are the same tanks. I still have 2 Xooms too . Just use as CCTV monitors

(Steve Jackson) #4

I am running cm11 and still use mine for Netflix, Amazon instant video, etc. Great for airplanes. I keep thinking I should buy a tablet but it just won’t die.

I also still have an old galaxy player 5.0 running cm11 that I use to process tasker commands from autovoice on Google Assistant. Works great.

Lots of uses for these old devices.

(Realy Living Dream) #5

Ya I’ve still got an old Dell Streak that’s been running the holiday music through bt speakers & lights