$60 10" Android control panel 3/21 daily deal

" Old " Refurbed Motorola Droid XYBoard (MZ617) 10.1" . Can be updated to AOS 5. With 6% back from TPC end cost is only $56 for a 10" Action/Smart tiles control panel . Does have VZW 4G sim, so could even be a back-up hotspot if so inclined


If they are as solid as my old Xoom (which I still use) then these things are built like tanks and that’s a great price.

These were the replacement for the Xooms , so yes I’m assuming that they are the same tanks. I still have 2 Xooms too . Just use as CCTV monitors

I am running cm11 and still use mine for Netflix, Amazon instant video, etc. Great for airplanes. I keep thinking I should buy a tablet but it just won’t die.

I also still have an old galaxy player 5.0 running cm11 that I use to process tasker commands from autovoice on Google Assistant. Works great.

Lots of uses for these old devices.

Ya I’ve still got an old Dell Streak that’s been running the holiday music through bt speakers & lights