Tablet advice UK

Could do with some real world advice please, not just reviews from stupid people on internet shop Web sites

We need a new tablet as my old Asus tablet is expanding and pushing the screen off the front, seems due to its age and being constantly powered has caused the battery to grow a beer belly

The new tablet will be powered 24/7 and wall mounted, it MUST be able to run android apps Inc IVMS 4500, Spotify and maybe Smartthings but tbh ST is not its main useage, camera security via WiFi is the devices job

I don’t care if it has expandable memory or not and it does need to be cheap, I’m in the UK but most devices made in the States are available here so anything you guys advise should mostly be for sale our side

Any advice please

Shame really I can’t use my old Surface RT, as new in box but the things were so crippled by the Os I could never use it for much, unless someone knows better

I have been running an Amazon Fire HD8 wall mounted and powered 24/7 for the past 2 years. without issue. I run Fully kiosk browser with Actiontiles and also have Tinycam Pro loaded. An Webcore piston uses the Fully DTH to ‘pop’ a Tinycam camera view to the foreground on an event and back the Actiontiles a few minutes later

There are 2 gotchas though. 1. The Amazon fire tablets run their own ‘locked down’ version of Android so adding Google Play store (to add apps) and getting rid of the lock screen takes some work. It’s all documented on the web though. 2. The lock screen keeps coming back every so often when Amazon push an update. It take seconds to remove again by using the SetEdit app.

HD8 Wall Mount

Remove Lock Screen

You need to cycle the charging power on your tablet to protect the battery.
Over charged lithium-ion batteries can catch on fire. They are filled with a flammable electrolyte in addition to the combustible lithium.
You could do it with a mechanical timer, a smart switch/plug with a timer automation, or using the Tasker App to follow the actual charge level.

Thank you both for the reply

That’s actually very useful info Simon, thank you, I did look at the cost of fire tablets which are relatively cheap but as you point out there are caveats to the useage I need, due to the hoop jumping Amazon’s tablets are probably not what I want, I simply want plug and play, I really don’t have the patience or time to keep tinkering to make the device do what I want so looks like I need to find a cheapo Android device

I appreciate they are a fire hazard Paul, I did plug it back in last night just to power the device long enough to reset back to factory settings, removing all traces of personal info, it’s now sadly retired to the bin
The Asus device was 4 or 5 years old, the battery management part of the software was obviously ineffective at protecting the battery, it was set for a non full charge but eventually the battery expanded bending the screen out.


Hi Simon, would you mind sharing your Webcore piston, I would like to try and set that idea up


Sure, here you go.

This piston uses the app launcher function in Fully

Nice one Simon

Much appreciated

Time to have a play