Samsung 11 days of Christmas Offer - and no smartthings in sight

Choose 11 items from 31 - not one Samsung Smartthings item.

Honestly, I despair of Samsung marketing in the UK.

Samsung is clearly saving it for their big Kwanza / Boxing Day / Groundhog’s Day sale.

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Can’t wait for the Big Kwanza Sale !

Perhaps they will have an item in stock for more than a few minutes !

“An item in stock”…that just about sums it up nicely - a single solitary item discounted. Once its sold its “out of stock”

I popped into my local Maplins branch (Cambridge) to pick up a Hue light strip.
The store has just been refurbished and they now have a dedicated area for the smart home.
When the guy asked me if I had a bridge and I said I didn’t need one he wanted to know how I hooked it up.
When I explained about the Smartthings hub, he went on line straight away to check it out.
He was mildly impressed.
He was very clued up on home automation.
Come on ST, switch to Maplins and provide them with ample stock.
I’m sure you will see your product fly.
@slagle @Aaron