Low stock items in 2018

What’s happening to smartthings items no stock

Argos have been clearing it at 50% off (and from what I was told will not being restocking)

Currys have some at discounted rates (£10 off per item in my local one) but are out of the outlets

  • 2 stores have been unable to say if/when they’ll get any more

Even the usual; ebay floggers haven’t had them for a while

So yep, looks pretty dead in the UK :frowning:

Half price clearance from all of the retailers, not available in the Samsung store anymore from what I can see.

The cynic in me says this is the end of Smarthings in the UK.

Nah. Some theories as to why you are seeing this and some thoughts from others as to ST reaching other countries.

Big rebranding. Possibly a updated line. Or more simply a rebranded line.

But I don’t think in any way they are pulling out of the uk.

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You can order the plugs on Amazon. However there is a two to four week waiting time. I have ordered 5 as they are at £22.50 and are going to replace my Wemo which i cant stand now.