Sabbath mode for sensors

That’s a “workable solution”, though sub-optimal from an automation perspective. If you forget to unplug the Prohibited Devices Hub prior to the start of Shabbat, then unplugging it late is a transgression - so you really would prefer to have this automated. A “dumb timer” could solve this issue…

But, the Location Mode feature is still somewhat underused in SmartThings. All your Lighting (or other prohibitive) automations can be set to not run when in Shabbat Mode. You then just need one automation / routine to enable and disable this mode.

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This is exactly what I’m doing. I’m using the “Shabbat and Holiday Modes” smartapp (inside the “Presence & Modes” category) to toggle my hub between the “Home” and “Shabbat” modes and have all my non-Shabbat automations selectively active when the mode is something other than Shabbat mode.

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Thank you for the response. I am pretty good at remembering what to unplug, a lifetime of practice! :slight_smile:

The concern that I am trying to address is not so much that lights will be triggered by motion or opening. I agree that your thought is correct that could be automated. I am trying to control the writing of the sensor state change to the ST Hub database. The ways that I see to do that are:

  • Remove the batteries
  • Cover or otherwise disable the sensor
  • Disable the Hub to which it is connected

So my solution allows me to pull a single Hub plug (heck I could even put it on a ST Outlet connected to the first Hub!) seems like the easiest to perform weekly.


If you connect a light to the “Shabbat” hub, doesn’t that mean you can’t use any motions sensors to trigger that light during the week from the non-Shabbat hub?

Thanks. I think that it is more difficult but not impossible. I believe that two hubs in two locations can be connected via IFTTT or some other apps mentioned in other forums. It may introduce additional lag. But, I do not think it is a major concern for me as I generally do not turn on lights based on sensors. I prefer to use buttons.

The new SmartThings App allows multiple Hubs in one “Location” (and thus, cross-Hub automations, Scenes, SmartApps).

SmartThings doesn’t recommend it, but I frankly think it is worth a try - especially if you know your way around the IDE.

Most likely technical issue is with LAN connected devices.

Most annoying issue is that the New App seems to complain a lot when a Hub is unreachable (such as your planned weekly unplugging…).


I have a newly-installed ADT home security system. I asked the technician about bypassing door and window sensors on the Sabbath, and he assured me that it was possible. However I discovered this past Sunday that “[t]he intentional act of opening the door causing an electrical device to change state, which includes both the LED on the sensor turning on and the radio inside the sensor telling the hub that it detected “open”.” This is clearly a major problem.

ADT insists that I should have known that their system would pose a religious problem, and refuses to cancel my contract. Is there a convenient way that I can put the system into “Sabbath mode.”

Note that my sensors are wireless. I suppose that in principle I could ask ADT to install a switch at the main power source to deactivate the system before Shabbos, and then turn it on after Shabbos.

This forum is for people who are using the Samsung smartthings home automation system.

There is an ADT model of the Samsung Smartthings Hub, but it is not the same as the regular ADT systems, it does not use the same equipment, and does not have the same contract structure. It’s also usually installed as a do it yourself project, not by a technician.

It sounds like you have the regular ADT system with the long-term contract, so I don’t think anyone here will be able to help you.

If you asked the question of the technician and were given the wrong answer, that does seem like an issue with the company. You might file a Better Business Bureau complaint, that often gets the company response. Or depending on your state/city, contact your local consumer protection office.

The issue on whether the LED on a sensor lighting up violates the Sabbath or not is one on which different rabbis disagree, so you should also check with your own rabbi to make sure that the guidance you were given applies to your specific situation.

As a general principle, the main panel being turned off won’t solve the problem you’ve described because the battery-powered sensors will still light up their LEDs when the doors open even if the panel is turned off. You have to remove the power from each individual sensor prior to the Sabbath. Which can certainly be done, as discussed in the thread above, but it’s a lot of work each week.

You might also look for a forum for customers of the regular ADT systems and see if anyone has come up with a better answer specific to that equipment.

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There is no “convenient way” with wireless sensors.

  • Mount all of your possibly trippable sensors using velcro so that you can physically remove them on Friday and replace them on Sunday.

  • or Each week remove the batteries from the sensors (and replace after Sabbath), or physically modify them to have an external power switch.

For convenience? Switch to a hard-wired based alarm system. These do not use individual batteries for power and thus can be all shut off with a single kill-switch at the power source where all the wires run to. The disadvantage is that you will likely also unpower sensors that you would prefer to keep enabled (e.g., hard-wired smoke alarms, windows you don’t intend to open, etc.).


If you can get that technician to answer the same question again in writing, then you will have a case to sue for a misleading sale, and ADT will be forced to cancel your contract.

If you only got the answer verbally, you can attempt to sue, but will have to prove you asked the question clearly and that the technician gave you an inaccurate or deceptive answer - difficult without writing or unbiased witnesses.

I found a great solution! The entry sensors that I want to be able to bypass on Shabbos, I attached using 3M command Velcro. I put a piece on the door/door post and the other side on the larger sensor. We just remove them before Shabbos and put them back after!

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It’s much easier to put some tape over the small sensor.