Sabbath mode for sensors


( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #21

That’s a “workable solution”, though sub-optimal from an automation perspective. If you forget to unplug the Prohibited Devices Hub prior to the start of Shabbat, then unplugging it late is a transgression - so you really would prefer to have this automated. A “dumb timer” could solve this issue…

But, the Location Mode feature is still somewhat underused in SmartThings. All your Lighting (or other prohibitive) automations can be set to not run when in Shabbat Mode. You then just need one automation / routine to enable and disable this mode.


This is exactly what I’m doing. I’m using the “Shabbat and Holiday Modes” smartapp (inside the “Presence & Modes” category) to toggle my hub between the “Home” and “Shabbat” modes and have all my non-Shabbat automations selectively active when the mode is something other than Shabbat mode.

(David) #23

Thank you for the response. I am pretty good at remembering what to unplug, a lifetime of practice! :slight_smile:

The concern that I am trying to address is not so much that lights will be triggered by motion or opening. I agree that your thought is correct that could be automated. I am trying to control the writing of the sensor state change to the ST Hub database. The ways that I see to do that are:

  • Remove the batteries
  • Cover or otherwise disable the sensor
  • Disable the Hub to which it is connected

So my solution allows me to pull a single Hub plug (heck I could even put it on a ST Outlet connected to the first Hub!) seems like the easiest to perform weekly.


If you connect a light to the “Shabbat” hub, doesn’t that mean you can’t use any motions sensors to trigger that light during the week from the non-Shabbat hub?

(David) #25

Thanks. I think that it is more difficult but not impossible. I believe that two hubs in two locations can be connected via IFTTT or some other apps mentioned in other forums. It may introduce additional lag. But, I do not think it is a major concern for me as I generally do not turn on lights based on sensors. I prefer to use buttons.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #26

The new SmartThings App allows multiple Hubs in one “Location” (and thus, cross-Hub automations, Scenes, SmartApps).

SmartThings doesn’t recommend it, but I frankly think it is worth a try - especially if you know your way around the IDE.

Most likely technical issue is with LAN connected devices.

Most annoying issue is that the New App seems to complain a lot when a Hub is unreachable (such as your planned weekly unplugging…).