Disable sensor or disable automation

This seems like something many would want to do so maybe I’m missing something obvious.
Is there a way from the smartthings app to either disable a sensor or disable an automation routine that is triggering off a sensor?
I’ve got driveway lights turning on then off after 10 minutes driven off Guardline outdoor sensors coupled to a Ecolink door sensor.
It appears that if I manually turn the lights on from the app, if a sensor is triggered, the lights go off after the automation time interval. Like for a party I’d like to have the lights stay on regardless of whether a sensor is triggered.
I’m a newbie so AIA if this is a dumb question.
Thanks, Bob

BTW, with X10 I would do this by having switches/sensors add or subtract to/from a “use count” (phantom device) and then a different task would turn a light on if the use count was greater than zero and off if the use count is zero.

I created a Mode I call Null. I set all my routines to not function in that mode. If I wanted to get up in the middle of the night and not have my lights start turning on as I walk into a room, I use that mode.

Are you referring to the automation option “only when mode is”? My choices are away, home, night. If I’m on the same page with you, how do I add a new “mode”?

I created a On/Off Switch in the IDE (defaults to ON). When I right my rules in WebCore I always include and option if said switch is not off then rule continues to run. That way if you had a party you just flip the switch to off in ST for the rule. Turn you lights on and everything cool. You can also set your morning routine or final night routine to reset all of these switches. That way by morning everything resets to the norm/.

One advantage of building automations in Webcore is that you can pause your automations whenever you feel the need.

Then you are not dependent on modes, which tend to have broad reach.

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I may look into webcore but meanwhile I got it working using Mike’s method. However the help folks had to assist because you can’t create a new mode from the app anymore.
I asked how they did this and they pointed me to a URL that I haven’t figured out yet.
I’m surprised the current mode is not displayed in many places in the app.
What I’m doing isn’t that involved so I’ll see if the app will suffice. X10 stuff not in the trash quite yet!
BTW Mike that automation mode option was really confusing because it was initially working with no modes selected. Had to select the 3 default modes but not select the new “party” I created.
Thanks every one for the help.

To wrap this up, for any newbies like me, here are some obscure pieces to the additional mode solution.
Because the app doesn’t currently support adding a new mode, good instructions are at this link:

Note that to remove a mode from this same place, all references to the mode in your app must first be removed.

In the automation script, the “Only when mode is” needs some explaining. If all modes are unchecked, then all modes work (default on a new automation script). If at least one mode is checked, then only the checked modes will work. For a “not in this mode” to work, the new mode must be added, not checked, and all others checked (or however many you want the automation to work for).

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