S.T. Home Security

I am interested in having S.T. be used as home security. Once motion is detected I want a camera to turn on and record who is in my home. Aside from that I want a text message saying that there is an intruder.

I was thinking of using my Kinect sensor if possible. I would also be open into buying a better camera and hanging it on wall if this makes it easier.

Does anyone have any idea how to do this?

I know there was some discussion about integrating cameras but I don’t believe as of yet there is a way to do it. I think @solardave1 was the guy who trying to implement something like this so hopefully he’ll stop in here and comment. I don’t remember who he was working with at SmartThings anymore.

The part about motion triggering an event is easy to do. Sending a text message is easy to do. I don’t know if the Kinect can be integrated into SmartThings at all.

Hmmm, I am afraid I would have to disagree. Kinect is also open source. I speculate that if someone coded the two to work together that it would work. However I am beginning to think a standalone camera would work better.