SotionCam + Door Motion Sensor Trigger

(Juan Flores) #1


I currently have a SotionCam that I have monitoring the living room and has a clear view of the front door. I was wondering if anyone has one of these and was able to get it to work with ST. I want to get a door sensor have it it trigger the camera to record. I currently have a SD Card in it to record any motion it detects but i dont need it to do it when my wife is home. I can set it manually with its app but i would love to avoid doing that every time.

here’s the camera
Amz Link


Since it’s been a while and no one has answered your question, I’ll try and help best I can. What you need to find out is if the camera has API access. Basically, an you send it a command through your network to change the different settings. For example, if your cam’s IP was, you might be able to command it using something like or something. You would have to consult with the manufacturer to find out if that is possible. But there is no native control within smartthings for that brand of camera.