RuuviTag environmental sensors

Is anyone using RuuviTag sensors on ST? Specs here:

Sensors are relatively cheap, but bluetooth connection only. They offer tons of integration possibilities but I haven’t figured out how to integrate with ST. I’m sick of fighting with Aqara sensors and now looking something reliable.

Cool device, but it’s essentially a Bluetooth Beacon. The Bluetooth antenna in the smartthings hub is not turned on, so the only way you can get any possible direct integration with it would be through your phone and using the V3 app (the newest app, “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)”). But I doubt if that’s going to work. You could try it though.

I like the engineering on the Ruuvi, But I didn’t see anything about useful integrations in this context. It’s using Eddystone, which is a Beacon standard, but you still have to be able to get the information out to the Internet. Which either means writing your own programs on a laptop as a “man in the middle“ server, or using something else that runs on your phone. The only thing I saw in the initial search that would be useful is an old third-party Android app called IoTools that they have an Integration with. It has the ability to send a text, so you could use that to hook into IFTTT. But it’s a long way around the barn.

Did I miss some other integrations page?

Thanks for your reply. Yes that’s what I thought as well, seems to require some coding with 3rd party tools (not my expertise). There seems to be some community behind creating stuff. Some integrations here, but nothing very quick and easy.