Integration of a technology agnostic server?

Has anyone integrated with OpenHAB or any other open source server that is technology agnostic? I have wifi devices that will not work with SmartThings so I am hoping to control everything from one place.


I looked at several options, including OpenHAB and OpenRemote and ruled them out due to their complexity. ST hub can communicate with local devices using HTTP. For devices that don’t speak HTTP I found it easier to run custom NodeJS or Python scripts on a Linux host that either talk directly to SmartThings apps (via REST endpoint) or provide an HTTP interface for the hub or both.

Thanks for the reply. Do you know where I would find info on getting HTTP devices working with the ST hub/app?

There’re plenty of examples and user projects in these forums and on Github. Examples are wifi cameras, thermostats, etc. I’ve written a couple as well: