Released DHs and local execution?

[Released] code, I was looking which devices run locally and out of all my devices non of them do. This is because they all are running on custom DH created by the good and hard work of this community. The question is why is Smartthings not adopting these even for the simpler devices, this surly work reduce the load and issues support requests if they were fully adopted.
2x NEO Coolcam 2 gang custom DH so that I can have each switch individual in the App
2x Aeotec Micro Smart Dimmer 2E - don’t know why this doesn’t run local as it uses the default Z-wave metering dimmer DH
Fibaro Motion Sensor - stock DH doesn’t allow customisation of settings
Fibaro FGS-212 Relay - stock DH doesn’t allow customisation of settings
Fibaro Double Switch 2 FGS-223 - custom DH so that I can have each switch individual in the App
mihome sockets and etrv - ok under stand this because it links to another cloud platform
yale home alarm - ok under stand this because it links to another cloud platform

Why cant Samsung adopt or buy these it would make the hole experience to an average user much better/easier.

I’m not sure why you included “[released]” in your title?

That term in the title of a thread generally refers to a smartapp or device handler that a community developer has released for others to install and use.

For example,

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thanks for that, just glad i put it in the general discussion section

SmartThings has a tremendous and growing “Device Certification” staff, and they, in turn, have to coordinate with the Hub Firmware engineers, QA, Beta, etc.

SmartThings has shown no interest in certifying 3rd party developed DTHs, except perhaps for those developed by large organizations with particularly skilled engineers.

SmartThings’s #1 goal is stability, not excessive complex features that put stability at risk.

For the devices that you use a custom handler just to access settings, once the the settings have been applied, you can change them back to the default handler. This way they might run local.


Thank thats a constructive idea ill try it with the fibaro switch and sensor

As I understand it from various discussions with support and around the forums here, to be able to allow custom DTHs to run locally, those DTHs would have to be downloaded to each and every hub. There is no mechanism in place today that would allow for selective downloading of DTHs and smart apps and the onboard memory of the device is limited.

Also, as @tgauchat said, ST’s main goal is stability and I actually agree with that. I will take some cloud processing over some bad code possibly bricking my hub.

Now, with all that said, what I have typically done is researched what runs locally versus cloud before I purchase anything. By doing that, I believe I have about 80% of my devices running locally. Granted, it doesn’t matter though because the IDE and apps still require cloud access to the ST backend. So, “local” is still a huge misnomer in my opinion.

If Samsung/ST could release an app that runs on a mobile device and can connect locally to your hub if/when the backend is down, that would be a huge step up. AFAIK, the mobile apps don’t do that if the backend is down.

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It supprised me how little was supported out of the box as z-wave is ment
to be a common protocol. But i couldn’t find a stock 2 gang light switch to
control them individually (thought a basic req) and the fibrao ones you
cant access the settings.