Run Routine for multiple triggers (or finding a workaround)

I thought I had this set up correctly, but apparently isn’t fully working the way I’d hoped…
I have a Good Night routine, which turns off lights, changes brightness on my bathroom light, locks the doors, etc. Originally, this was based on motion. I recently added a pressure sensor for better tracking, and my intent is to run that once “activity dies down” AND “switch is activated”.

Unfortunately, it seems that automating this routine (in the Classic app) run when “any” of the two triggers (“things quiet down” and “something opens or closes”) happen. I would be okay with using only the “closes” trigger, but that doesn’t allow time restrictions like the “quiet” does (my evening Modes run at sunset, but I don’t want to run Goodnight until after 9 PM).

I also tried using the newer app to configure an Automation, but it doesn’t have a “things quiet down” equivalent, and it seems it would require me to add individual conditions for every motion sensor. I suppose it would work, but might get unruly as device requirements change.

Any thoughts as to the path of least resistance so that I can execute the requested actions (including changing Modes) when A) motion stops, B) I’m in bed (“closes” trigger), when C) the time is between the hours I’ve set?

Automation creator in the new app is probably you’re best bet. Create a scene for the actions. Then create an automation will all the motions sensors and pressure pad kn the IF side. You should be able to set no motion for X time for each motion sensor. Then add the scene to the THEN side.

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I had the same problem and had to manage too many automation sequences because I wanted a many<>many between motion sensors and lights switches for automatically turning on and off lights so I ended up writing my own smartapp so I only have to manage a single area vs having many different automations to track. This gets especially complex when you want to do this for every room.

You could use this as a starting base and add those extra things: