Automatically go into night mode

Is there a way to create a routine in which it will automatically put the system into night mode?
I have additional security settings set up for night mode, but am often forgetting to go into my phone and change the setting within the app.

Set up a routine (under Automation tab in the app) to change to Night Mode, then under the settings in the routine, right at the bottom is a "Automatically perform " - this gives various scenarios to run the routine automatically (for example at a specific time, mode change, when something happens, etc)


What I’m struggling with is what to use as the trigger. I used to use WeMo and they had a setting for sunset and sunrise, but all I see for smartthings is setting a specific time.

I use Routine Director - it uses sunrise and sunset to determine day and night.

EDIT: In the Market Place.

I use the Stock Good Night Routine and “When Things Quiet Down” and select motion detectors that are in areas that would indicate that we are all in our rooms (Six People in my Home) during a certain timeframe.Works perfect as it allows for adjustment as to when we all decide to go to bed.

This routine is also great as it sets the Alarm, Locks the Door, Turn Off all the Lights, Shuts Down all the Computers and any AV Equipment.

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I use motion sensors and lights. If there is no motion near my entry points and all lights are off after 9PM then set mode night.

It’s called " when things quiet down" in the app. Issue is that if you have pets things never " quiet down"

You can set it to trigger when something like the bedroom lights turn on/off during a certain time frame. Again limit is if you go in and out of the bedroom before actually going to bed.

I have a tile in SmartTiles , turning off TV is part of my Goodnight routine. So when I am ready I click that, TV and all lights turn off, ST goes into night mode.

I have 3 Boxers and this routine has always worked for me. I guess it depends on if you have Pet Immune Motions… I do.

I’ve yet to find any that actually are. Monoprice/GoControl, Iris, ST , Fibaro, Centralite the dogs and cats always set them off. That is why my away and night modes are the opposite of the norm. It disables all the motion sensors so that the critters can’t play with the lights.

I use the Ecolinks

My DSC Alarm System (Devices in SmartThings) uses these

My EcoBee3 Remote Sensor also appear to be Pet Immune, from my experience.

But, the beauty of SmartThings is that it is so versatile that there are solutions for Everyone!

What do you use for your TV? I have a Harmony HUB downstairs which works great but want something for my upstairs bedroom that is a little more cost efficient. It’s simple to turn off the TV because I have an Iris Smart Plug which monitors power but turning it back on and the associated HTIB is a manual process.

Was looking at getting one of these: BroadLink RMPRO IR RF Wi-Fi One in All Universal Remote Control

Routines have an option to “automatically perform at sunrise or sunset.” It is a separate option from choosing a specific time.

Save each time by tapping “done” at the top right of the screen.

  1. Add a routine

  2. Give it a name. In this example I use the name “change mode at sunset” so any place you see that in quotation marks it’s just the name that you gave the routine.

  3. Select change the mode

.4. Pick the mode to change to.

.5. On the next screen, Scroll down to “additional settings”

.6. Choose “automatically perform”

.7. Then on the next page, choose “at sunrise or sunset”

.8. Specify “sunset” and add an offset if you want, like 20 minutes before sunset.

Save, and the routine will automatically run at Sunset and change the mode tonight.

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Harmony downstairs turns big TV , surround, DVR etc etc when I hit Goodnight. Bedroom TV I just use the built in sleep timer. Turn on 1AM news, set the sleep timer for an hour, drift off to sleep listening to the carnage of the day.

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Have Alexa do it for you via voice.
Use a button someplace. We have on on the stairwell, also mini mote button to trigger it.

OK so I’m not sure how to make a Alexa put my system into night mode I have this error message and I’m not sure what’s causing it - here’s a screenshot:

A SmartThings routine that will use the official integration to Echo directly can only contain lights, switches, and thermostats. If, for example, it also has a lock, echo won’t be able to run it. That’s the error message that you are seeing.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way around this, which is what we used to do before routines were offered through the official integration.

You just create a virtual switch which runs that routine, and then you could have echo turn on that virtual switch.

There are step-by-step instructions for how to do this in the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)


I use a combination of tasker and sharptools. When I place my phone on wireless charger pad by my bed the “night mode” routine is executed. You could also use a NFC tag if you phone doesnt support wireless charging.

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I gave up on trying to automate night mode, cat, kids, you name it…
Alexa, turn the house off… that’s the program now.


I dont even see “At sunrise or sunset” when i create my routine.

could it be to date, since this was posted back on Feb. 2017, smartthings’ code update resulted in “at sunrise or sunset” to be removed from the smartthings app?

I believe if you follow the steps in the post above exactly, you will find it. As noted in the post, you must choose “additional settings” (step 5 above) and then “automatically perform” (step six above) and then you will see the sunrise/sunset option.