Routine with 2 triggers that must be met?

Hello, I have a door sensor and I am trying to create a routine that will turn on my living room lights when the front door is open and its after sunset. I can add the 2 triggers but when I save, it says it will run when “1 of the configured triggers occurs” I want it to run when both triggers are met, any ideas?

The official smart lights feature can do this:

Set it up to turn on the light when the sensor triggers, and restrict it to a specific timeframe.

I’m looking for something similar. I have a lamp connected to a smart plug, and I want it to turn on when my lamp when one of my door triggers or motion sensor is activated. But I only want this to happen when I have it set to away or home mode. It would be easy when setting up the security but there isn’t an option (like lights) that will activate turn the smart plug on,

That app worked, thanks.

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