First Member Home Automation?

So, I am having trouble with this basic one.

I want an automation to run when either my wife or I arrive home (we are both location members) but not when the second person arrives home.

Life 360 used to have a simple trigger for this called “When First Person Arrives”

Of the 4 options for when multiple members are selected, i feel like I’ve selected all of them at this point and none of them work.

I want to automatically control a device when either my wife or I get home, but only the first person, not that second arrival.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m sure I’m missing something basic!

The options you have actually deal with presence. So ‘Someone is at home’ means one or both of you are at home. You need to add the extra logic.

The classic way to do this is to use the location modes. If you set the mode to Away when ‘No one is at home’, and to Home when ‘Someone is at home’, then you can add the condition ‘location mode is Away’ to your arrival automation so only the first arrival triggers the action.

Ideally you also tweak the location mode condition to set it as a precondition. That just stops the automation running when the mode changes to Away.

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Well, that did it.

Setting away as a condition of the first person arriving home is brilliant!

Now, if the first person arrives home (and the location is away) the automation will run, control the devices I want, and also set the location to home.

And now that it’s on home mode, when that second person arrives, the condition of being in “away mode” is not met, thus the automation does not run a second time.

That is outstanding, thank you!

That’s a relief. It is pretty much how the default routines in the Classic app used to do things so it is a long and widely used technique. Quite a few users seem to have been having problems with it though.

For a while there was a bug with the ‘precondition’. It was basically being ignored. It was quietly fixed, although some people found they had to save their Automations again to see the benefit (possibly all rather than some as the Automation probably needed to restart). However some still report having this issue.

The ‘precondition’ tends not to make much difference for simple presence based arrival and departures as you tend not to change modes to and from ‘Away’ by other methods. However when you start using ‘Night’ and custom modes there is more potential for conflict.

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