Leaving / Returning Home

Using SmartThings app on iPhone and trying to avoid anything more complex. I set an automation that when I come home, a z-wave lock will unlock. But it’s triggering off when I AM home, not just when I COME home. So when I’m home, if I lock the door, it unlocks right away. How to set up a geo-circle that only triggers when you cross the line, not when you’re IN or OUT of a zone? Thanks!

Can you share a screenshot of the automation? My first recommendation would be to add mode to your if. If someone arrives and the mode is away, then unlock.

Thanks. It’s actually for a relatives house so I’ll need to get a screenshot. I saw the mode as another possible variable but how do you even set your mode?

But the quick version is I set the condition as “location is home and lock is locked… then unlock”

Create a separate automation.When everyone leaves, set mode to away. Then for your unlock automation, when someone is present and mode is away, unlock.

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Thanks I’ll give that a try later this week.

The ‘and lock is locked’ bit probably isn’t helping as it makes the automation run when the lock status changes as well as when the member location changes.

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You’ll also want the unlock automation to set the mode to home. Forgot to add that.