Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

In order to fix your Github Repo Associations in IDE:

  1. Go into the settings of ‘Rule’ and ‘Rule Machine’ and remove the github repo association

  2. Go into ‘Settings’ on the SmartApps page and remove the Rule Machine repo.


Kick it, but don’t waterboard it! Miracles do happen and when Rule pops up again you might need it!


Sad day around here, that’s for sure. This hurts @jody.albritton and I as much as it does you guys. We never want to see something like this.

Saying that, the issue that affects rule machine has been identified and a fix is in the works.


So…transparency and all…what was the issue?


DB issue with states.


A very very sad day… A very powerful app ever created! sorry and sad to see @bravenel withdraw the support! Its the same thing what @geko did with his smartapps and @625alex did with smarttiles as well. Only one platform to be blamed…

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Pollster is still around and SmartAlarm is published.

(I say this because I don’t want people to think their apps are dead when they are not)

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Dear @bravenel:

It was only a matter of time and you treaded water much longer than I did in their pool.

I remember about 6-12 months ago, I was so distraught with the platform’s stability, new hub migration issues, development IDE issues, and total lack of any decent real-time support. I was posting very negative posts on all ST areas (which deserved it), sending negative feedback to magazine editors, ST Facebook page, etc…But you shed some optimism on several of my posts and it helped curb “most” of my pessimism going forward. It isn’t my nature to be so negative, but ST waterboarded me… and I caved into the dark side…

I decided to stop being totally negative (a few issues caused me to relapse, but my wife reminded me to cease and desist) and just hibernate, watch others, listen, and not develop any more apps. It was maddening to see many of my programming attempts fail repeatedly each week, some my fault but most the platform crushed any debugging and error recovery sections.

Rule Machine seemed to persist the platform’s persistent short comings, and was heads & shoulders above what I (and many others) were capable of creating. Your following of connected users was nothing short of a cult…your online support was impressive and REAL-TIME… Unbelievable…for a free app that many of us would gladly pay a monthly subscription…(yet you provided it for free after repeated offers to monetize by so many).

But, I totally understand where you have been driven too by continuing ST critical issues, and want to say, “Hang in there, breathe, take a long walk, disconnect for a period, recharge” as I have after your earlier posts.

We will get back on the merry-go-round of HA technology, it is our nature…


Are we talking the headless rules situation?

Not to be a wise azz…but honestly so much seems broke i’m having a hard time deciphering what caused what and which fix is for what issue.

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A very sad day indeed. I understand your frustration Bruce, and hope to see a [RE_RELEASE] here in the future- If ST “nails it” with their fix and I am still here. Your contribution has been a godsend to many people, including myself.


To be clear, @625alex and I withdrew the “open source” version but continued to support and enhance SmartTiles. I’m sure some of the concerns we expressed are the same ones that @bravenel is feeling – I empathize; but our decision was to take as much control over the support issues as possible by reigning in the app and thus stopping the propagation of code divergence. We also established a unified communication channel for escalating issues through the developer advocates, and various other cooperative initiatives.

I believe that @jody.albritton and @slagle know that the process is definitely not optimal, but they have been as helpful as possible, given their available resources and constraints. This really seems to be working out for us and our many, many users, and I was optimistic that @bravenel would also reach a workable relationship.


Hmm, I honest don’t know what to do Tim. My 2 cents, I have folks come to me for support with my apps and I know it’s a ST issue but I can’t send them to ST support because support just points them back to me. What should I do?


What?, Bruce, I, and several others have been complaining about lost state for a month or more…
Just exactly what more do you expect someone to do here?
A workable relationship doesn’t include the appearances or the in fact of being ignored…


We have PMs here and the developer slack. Jody and I are always up for any means of communication. Including email.

Jody and I will also be working on a dedicated developer support channel.

If you haven’t sent us your email for an invite to the slack, please do.

Tim here are actual responses I’m getting from the ST support team:

  1. This is one our devs were indeed aware of. I made sure we had an internal ticket on it, which we do :slight_smile:
  2. In talking to one of our devs on this one, he mentioned that you should be storing it in a state variable - as is mentioned in the thread itself. I’m unsure this is something we’re looking at fixing in the future.

With this attitude what’s the point in reporting issues? How are we supposed to continue developing?

EDIT: And this is a serious issue that even @bravenel reported was affecting his app (amongst many other devs including @tgauchat saying that SmartTiles will never do dynamic pages for the same reason). Two of the dev’s say this issue impact some of the most popular apps and ST support say, nah - we ain’t fixing this!


I don’t “expect” anything; I only know what I would have considered doing and what we have done with SmartTiles. It may or may not have been applicable or appropriate for Bruce and Rule Machine.

As for “more things you could do”… Well… the options are countless. There’s the option of transferring the project to new stewardship. Again… this may or may not be practical or appropriate, but I like to leave all options open for discussion and consideration. After all the effort expended on the project, I can understand reluctance to pursue this option.

I’m sure folks can suggest other options, if you want.

Reach out to Jody and I. You have 3 ways you can get a hold of us. Including my personal email.

For completeness sake, Jody’s email is:


This is a big loss. Wish I would have updated to the most recent before it was pulled. This one smart app is what made smartthings usable recently.

I certainly hope things can be worked out here…


Done… pointless to debate this with you dude.


April 2nd- State problem here… Rule Machine is loosing pieces and not allowing new rules, getting Unexpected Error trying to complete.

April 4th (name witheld) Support reply- “I’m sorry to say that we can’t offer support for SmartApps and Device Integrations found on the Community such as Rule Machine. Please understand that these integrations have not been reviewed or vetted by our engineers at SmartThings to ensure that they meet our standards for quality and security. Please don’t let this turn you off of exploring our community integrations, though!..”