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GIT Hub Links Disappeared

(Huy Nguyen) #1

Sorry if this has been raised, but it looks like all my GitHub sync mappings disappeared for all my smart apps and device handlers, anyone else seeing this?

(Andreas A.) #2

Did you have the Github repo for RuleMachine linked (or any other report that has been pulled)? If so, follow the instructions in this post to get your associations back:

(Huy Nguyen) #3

Yes I did, but it’s odd that because one repo gets pulled all my other links break…

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(Andreas A.) #4

I’m not arguing with you there - at least this oddity has a workaround to solve it :fearful:

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(Huy Nguyen) #6

Thanks for the work around. It is odd

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(Mike Maxwell) #7

It’s actually a bug in the ide, someone who’s not burnt out on tickets should crank one out…

(Huy Nguyen) #8

I’ll open one later today

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(Huy Nguyen) #9

Support email sent…