Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

RM was really exploiting the true potential of ST, so for that is a great loss. Totally understandable, that while you create something for free - that was vastly used, with an impressive capacity to debug problems, and include new features -, at the same time ST wash their hands - albeit knowing the problem was theirs… From a marketing perspective, quite a dubious move.

Many thanks @bravenel


So what would it take to be" reviewed or vetted" by smartthings engeneerer?

It already is.
(The problem that affects rule machine)

The “Submit for Publication” process is built into the IDE:

Ok so anyone can do this? Why is the support team answering this

@bravenel thank you for this wonderful app. It is all that has kept me running with SmartThings.

I hope to see a bravenel Home Automation KickStarter in the near future…


When was it submitted and how long does the process take? There are somewhat pointless apps in the appstore, but this one still isnt?

WAIT A SECOND! Haha! @bravenel used RM to post this on April 1st, but scheduling was screwed up…

Haha, you got us…please?


It actually never was submitted for publication, but we would have put it through the review process if it was.

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Responses like this and the complete lack of transparency that had been promised over and over is the problem.

Saying that there is transparency while at the same time ignoring the community. This company has turned its back on the community devs, plain and simple.

It won’t be long but I see this forum drying up completely. Since the release of V2 it’s been degrading daily.

It’s a sad state indeed.


Good point. From what I can see the core issue is a gap between what ST says and this “community app”. ST say they do not support it because of this reason. So let’s not give them any reason to not support it and let’s make it a “genuine engeneered reviewed ST app”?

And no disrespect to the community but greaving will not change much. I think everyone here knows ( or can at least imagine) how much time, efforts, imagination the project took. Whatever people say, nothing is better than seeing their app working and being used by everyone. I understand recognition is everything.

RM kicks the ass of most (I would say all) ST app. I used over 8 apps before RM. Now only 2.
ST are starting their reseller program. I have enrolled myself (I might be crazy you say) and RM is and would be my core controlling apps.


Sorry, not true. It was submitted 5 months ago. Never any response whatsoever. mox nix.


Personally, I never used it, but it was a great, powerful SmartApp. I have a mad amount of respect for the work that was done on this.

Keep Innovating!


Bruce - you’re right, it was submitted through our publication process. We haven’t prioritized the review of submitted SmartApps and Device Types in ways that we should.

I look forward to our platform issues being resolved so that we can coordinate the review and publication of Rule Machine. It fills the much needed gap of a versatile rule builder that we haven’t been able to develop or publish officially.



Wow, that’s a CROCodile of excuses…I see a politician in the making… and we would want ST to support Rule Machine why? (rhetorical, please do not reply)

Does anyone really think that ST would just change their patented 3 week old email response to, “We are unaware/aware of the … and each and every involved employee is diligently working to make ST a better platform…by the way, did you know that our branded motion detectors are ½ off and even better, fast acting ST contact sensors are 2 for 1”


It’s actually 20% off with code SPRING!


Ha…Noting like doubling down on the devices while the platform that makes them work is ½ functional with the code of “Database Corruption”!


How ironic, this is exactly what everyone it talking about.

  1. move or jump suddenly
    "I sprang out of ST"

@bravenel Thank you for your efforts. When I came to ST I was very disappointed by the lack of rule based processing. I really put off buying more gear as the things I wanted to do really require something like Rule Machine. I’ve just recently gotten time to start back on my automation and the ST blow up happened.

Anyway, your work is the reason I was going to invest more in ST and now I’m sitting here wondering why I would even bother at the moment.

Thank you very much for showing me what is possible.


@bravenel. Thanks for all that you have done and hope ST can get it together and get you back into the fold.