Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

Wow, thanks! I didn’t think even think that the whole RuleMachine itself could lose it’s state. That fixed the problem. I can now click ‘done’ with no error message.

It showed the initial screen which says something along the lines of “Hit Done to install RM” - it was missing it’s state (i.e., state.setup was not set so it showed the initial screen and state.ruleSubscribers - which is accessed when saving rules - was missing causing the failure to save rules).

Ah, you didn’t mention that. So yea, it’s state got completely wiped. It’s actually opening RM the next time that fixes it.

I tracked this down using logging and added some defensive coding around the line that was crashing. Once I thought more about it and opened RM itself to recover its state I removed that code again.

Would it be possible to have RM re-init automatically if state OR state.ruleSubscribers is empty when trying to save a rule? What is the contents of ruleSubscribers (i.e., what would I need to do to correctly rebuild it)?

My latest favorite (not) ‘Ghost in the Machine’ is the random switch into Night mode that seems to happen without rhyme or reason - once this morning, and once late yesterday afternoon. This, of course, causes unexpected behaviors and what looks like failures, until you realize that RM is actually doing what you asked it to do in Night mode.

At first I though it was a momentary button for Night I have programmed with a Trigger to be able to quickly switch modes without running a routine, but upon looking at the logs, that button hasn’t been fired at all.

It’s always great @slagle to have your Home ‘Automation’ system require more babysitting than your 5 year old… :frowning:

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I think you hit the nail on the head there. The same thing happened to me.

Just checked and 6 of my 19 RM rules are now headless which explains why much of my automation isn’t working.

This is in addition to some CREE Bulbs not working directly from the Smarthings app, a long since unplugged smartplug (it’s in a box in the garage) was flipped to ON a few days ago, and my doorbell showing as a presence sensor for the last two weeks.

Anyone who thinks this is a RM problem doesn’t know what they are talking about. I’m having database corruption across rules, devices, states and other parameters that are completely unrelated to RM.

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My bathroom light and fan were turning off and on totally randomly this morning while showering, that was fun, then the alarm started going off since I’ve been stupid and not removed SHM. Then my wife came and smacked me up side the head since the kitchen lights were not turning on, then turning off after she manually turned them on. Today has started poorly… :slight_smile:

Had only 3 busted RM rules though, so it was certainly other problems causing the majority of issues. And got the Zigbee bug for the first time, twice.

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Welcome to the world of ‘degraded performance’ in ST.

Seriously @slagle, you guys need to come up with a more descriptive phrase than that for

Maybe start representing this on the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) Scale, where 10 represents perfect, and -10 represents ‘I’m heading to divorce court’. :confused:

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Meet the newest member of the ST Development Team:


For the past few days I’ve been using a similar scale, though the acronym is off by one letter.

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Never say anything, Murphy listens… I stated a couple of days ago I had never had a rule issue or a Zombie. Well, I lost my bedroom virtual dimmer and the Minimote rules for the bedroom last night.
Good thing I love tinkering in the beta world :wink:

Heh… as much as I give @slagle and others in ST a hard time, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they have a ‘complainers filter’ that throws random monkey wrenches into the setups of the more vocal among us.


I have confirmed with support an issue I have with the alarm and SHM. They said it’s on their end. My issue is the desarm button is doing nada. No logs in notification, no action taken except the button goes from arm to desar. I even receive notification of intrusion while the system is desarm.
I don’t have issues with the RM but I only have less than 10 rules so basic stuff I guess.

Actually, they said on the developer call that they hate being tagged like you just did twice. That doesn’t work for them. I snicker because from my perspective, if those two guys don’t want to be tagged with problems here, that basically means that ST really doesn’t care what is said here, what is reported here, what’s wrong with the platform, etc. They are dealing with some other reality, and this one doesn’t really matter to them.

It was amazing. Us “devs” need a way to communicate with them separately. Hello? Then why have this community? Oh, I forgot, marketing.

What a joke. This company is really out of touch with the reality of using their “service”. On the other hand, it’s free, so it’s hard to call it a “service” at all.


Please please tell me that’s a joke… It is a joke right? No way they were not bitching about something so trivial when they can’t even get lights to turn on and off (when they are supposed to)

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I have never said I don’t want to be tagged. Not once. Tagging a lot isn’t very meaningful because I see every tag so just one is fine, but keep tagging in every meaningful post whenever you like.


Update - it appears that a virtual switch I have to disable a rule that fires when I leave, which turns the mode to Night (only used during my ‘Early Departure’ mode) has lost its state data. Tried toggling that switch on/off - we’ll see if that resets anything.

Question: When people here report that their rules went headless (lost conditions/actions/whatever), do you literally mean Rules? Based on my experience to date, I was under the impression it was limited to triggers and conditional triggers. But today I had my first rule go TU… and it was my most complex one (two nested sub-rules connected by an OR). TG I had screenshots!

I have literally every thing go…

Rules, just a few
Conditions triggers, only a couple
Triggers, vast majority
Actions, several (these are really easy to fix lol)

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