Rule Machine Errors

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So the Rule Machine thread has become too long. I’ve created this thread so we can post (new) issues. Let’s provide error screenshot, the line of code that the error refers to and/or a screenshot of the rule. This should speed up troubleshooting efforts.

So I just noticed this error (see below). Anyone having RM issues, post away on this thread…




I am getting UndeclaredThrowableExceptions on pretty much all my smart apps (not just RM) that use runIn() or schedule() - I believe that ST is still trying to get the scheduling under control and that this is a side effect of them messing with it…

I believe so too…20 char

Yea, these are all platform errors, not much can be done to code around them…
1434 is a call to runIn()…

Yoo hoo. They updated the status page

InvestigatingScheduled SmartApps are not performing as expected. SmartThings is investigating the issue and is working on a resolution.Jan 20, 12:21 ESTThis incident affects: Scheduled SmartApps (North America) and SmartApps (North America).

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The started the other day. See this thread:

I was experiencing this error yesterday on 1 of of 14 rules. I ended up deleting and re-entering it and the error stopped.

yeah I keep getting these. I guess it does not like decimal places in values. Whe na value comes up that is a whole number it doesnt error

I keep getting a new error that I don’t recall seeing it before. Any thoughts? It may be related to the db changes…

That one’s been popping up since the latest round of issues started. Hopefully it’ll be taken care of with the new database clusters later today.