Foscam FI8918W videostream to android?

(Joshkitchens27) #1

Hi all,

Following MrBrian’s posts (found from searching smartthings forums for foscam) I was able to get his device type and smartapp running to control my foscam ip cam from ST. My only issue is that, at least the way his device is currently set up, there’s no way to get the actual video stream to come into the ST view on Android. I can click the “take” button to get a snapshot of the current view, but I would love to see the actual live feed. Until I can do that, I might as well just use the foscam app to do the viewing. has MrBrian’s post in question.

Any suggestions or advice would be great. I know the ST team has said there’s official foscam support in the works…is there any ETA on that?

(Andrew Urman) #2

Live video won’t be supported for some time. We don’t currently have the ability in our mobile apps to handle live video.

The iOS team was looking at some live video libraries, but there is nothing in current development to support it.

(Joshkitchens27) #3

Hi Android,

Thanks for the update. Hopefully something will come around that will work for you. Is there a reason you can’t just use a WebView and use Or is the issue with getting the camera stream to the ST backend so you can point to it in the app? Could you not just point to the user-specified stream directly?

Also, somewhat off-topic, do you have any updates for when a new Android version of the mobile app might be coming? Would love to see some more features added like what iOS has.

(Darryl) #4

@Urman : Is the camera integration currently being limited to Foscam/Dropcam? or are the developers working on a more generic solution, so that any IP cam can be somewhat integrated?

I am looking at getting 2 3 Megapixel exterior POE based cam’s, and would be wanting to get the app to show me an image of this on demand. Ultimately, I will be using my typical IP Camera viewer on my android for live/video.


(Geoffrey Emery) #5

since you can stream video over the web it would be awesome if you could just add the ability to put a webview in the app let us specify the IP.

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