Routines not working with certain devices

Nope. Just tried the “switch everything off at night” which should close the blind, and nothing. I turned the office light on first and that went off, but the blind did nothing. It did close when I manually closed it (set to 0% open) in ST.

I tried setting a routine to just open the blind to 25% with nothing else included and that doesn’t work either. I get the message to say it completed but the blind doesn’t open, and the device still reports as 0% open

Interestingly, I just created a scene in the new app to open the blind and turn on the fan, and running this scene manually worked fine.

Right. The brunt integration is cloud to cloud. It doesn’t work in the classic app. Hence why a scene in the new app does work. you should then be able to automate that scene with the automation creator in the new app.

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ah. That’s good to know, thanks. Annoyingly, the routines I set up in the classic have to be recreated in the new app. Anyone know how I can import them? Even if they only half work, it’s easier to edit than recreated all of them from scratch. Especially as the new app is now throwing a network error when I try to save new automations.

I think there will be something ST will be releasing as part their notifications to Classic users. Check here because I believe your answer is there:


" Routines - Routines will become Scenes and Automations in the new app. The triggers for a Routine will be changed to Automations and the actions for the Routine will become a Scene.", found here:


Type Limit Description
Guardrail 6 Maximum Schedules per Installed app

Am I reading this right? I can only have 6 schedules?

  1. Weekday morning - Things come on
  2. Weekend morning - DIfferent things come on
  3. Weekday evening - Things go off
  4. Weekend evening - Different things go off
  5. Bathroom detects motion - Things come on
  6. Bathroom detects no motion - Things go off
    Erm…that’s all I’m allowed???

There’s more, but I think I’ve hit a max somewhere cause I’m getting that same error today as well. I have 44 Automations, 6 scenes, and 34 smartapps doing all sorts of things to well over 200+ devices.

What possible benefit could that provide for anyone?

If that’s Samsung’s idea of driving customers towards a paid app, it’ll do exactly the opposite. I’m no expert user by any means, but I do like to automate everything. We have fans, aircon, TVs blinds, gates as well as the usual lights.

The whole point of ST is that its easy to get set up and extend that everyone can do it virtually out of the box. Most people start with lights, then move on to other stuff when they see how simple it is. If you cut the legs off at such a ridiculously low level people will look elsewhere.

Good plan Samsung, establish a yourself as the best, then blow your brains out. Samsung seem to be the Kurt Cobain of technology

Detecting motion is not a schedule (that is subscription to an event), waiting for an event to happen (such as wait 5 minutes, then turn off), is. So 5 and 6 above are not schedules.

Point still stands though. Two basic things (on/off for weekdays and the same for weekends) leaves just two. Aircon on if it’s getting warm, oh wait, I can’t turn it off again because I have set two aircon units to come on when it’s hot in two different rooms.

Six of anything is ridiculously arbitrary, especially when each “on” event is likely to have a corresponding “off” event. How about 500 events? If you’re over this, chances are you’re fairly competent and knowledgeable and so a paid app with more flexibility isn’t unreasonable, but 6??? Jeez, My seven year old can think of more than 6 things he wants to automate!

Keep in mind that each instance is an app. So is really hard to hit the 6 limit. That affects custom apps more so than built-in apps. You would have to have something like this to hit that limit:

In the morning
IF motion detected
Wait 5 minutes
THEN do something
Wait 5 minutes
THEN do something
…wait 3 more times then you hit your limit.

Watch your subscriptions, there is a limit of 20 per app :slight_smile: Now THAT may cause problems with 200+ devices. :slight_smile:

That is six schedules for each installed ‘new’ style SmartApp. It also doesn’t say how they are counted. If it is a maximum of six schedules set up at any given time, then that is quite a lot.

That seems like plenty of subscriptions for one app. There are lots of webCoRE users who like to have just the one.

Oh yeah I know. I have that page bookmarked. I don’t have any single app hitting 200 yet, but a combination of some Scenes and Automations can churn quite a few.

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This may have something to do with the problems you and @Tim_Foster experienced :slight_smile:

“Some users may currently be unable to create or edit scenes or automations via the new or Classic SmartThings apps.”

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Good call Bob, thanks. I’ve set them up in the new app now. Hopefully this doesn’t take me over any weird limits.

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In short, it prevents the platform from going down.

More specifically, it prevents a resource-intensive DTH or SmartApp from spamming the platform with events or scheduling a lot of events, which can impact performance (latency) and stability. When an offending DTH or SA scales to a few tens of thousands of users, it can cause big problems without limits like this (and those problems result in a lot of product managers and engineers getting a 2am wakeup call which nobody likes…). We base rate limits and other platform policies off of sound data analysis and where those rate limits begin impacting the community in unanticipated ways, we are always open to reassessing and raising the limits if needed.

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Whilst I appreciate there must be limits in place to ensure the platform is stable, I’m not so sure that these limits aren’t overly conservative.

I think it would go a considerable way to helping everyone out (me especially) if there was a very clear definition of what’s included and what counts.

For example, I’ve read that lights are excluded. Does that mean my hard wired GE light switches are excluded from limits? or is it bulbs? What constitutes a subscription?

Detecting motion is not a schedule (that is subscription to an event), waiting for an event to happen (such as wait 5 minutes, then turn off), is.

Watch your subscriptions, there is a limit of 20 per app

From the point of view of a layman using a phone app (rather than a developer using an advanced tool to get at the base layer) I clearly don’t understand what the limits are and on what (hence @HA_fanatic putting me right yesterday on the 6 limit).

Some clear guidance, with examples using the app, would be really helpful for me, and probably a lot of other people too.

oh, and even with the new app, my Brunt Blind Engine is still ignoring commands. This morning, my stairs light came on a 5:10am when I came down. The office light and fan came on, but the blind just ignored it. I went to my phone and opened the blind with the ST app and it opened fine. I tried the scene a few times, and each time the app reports it completed, but nothing happens with the blind. When I tried the kitchen scene (GE switch and 3 Philips Hue strips) it reported that it worked but the strips didn’t respond, yet I immediately switched them on from the app

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