Confused: Much better reliability w/ button press vs app/routine?


I’ve got a GE Link bulb in my hallway that’s setup to turn on w/ a ST motion sensor, and I’ve been fighting with it for a couple months now. It’s connected via the ST Hub. It seems to work consistently for hours at a time, but then very inconsistently or not at all for hours/days. I’ve tried different SmartLighting schedules/bulbs/SmartApp vs. Routines over the past several weeks with no luck. The logs show that the motion sensor is working, and the bulb log shows triggering by the app/routine, but it’s just not turning on 50-75% of the time.

I have wireless devices of all types in my home, and not too many repeating Zigbee devices (besides more Link bulbs), so I can’t rule out interference/connectivity issues - especially since it’s a bulb inside a metal can ceiling fixture. But the weird thing is that it’s 100% responsive if I pull out my phone and push the On/Off button within the Things page.

Any ideas?

The GE Link bulbs can be finicky. Is the automation typically failing at certain times of day? If so, and the automation is showing that it executed, this can definitely be related to interference.

One of my favorite stories from the support desk is from a customer that told me the lights worked every morning, but not the evenings. it turned out that when everyone got home and turned on the phones, streaming video, etc. wireless networks started crumbling…

Thanks, It does seem to happen in blocks of time, and probably more in the
evening (family of 6). I noticed yesterday that I was getting static on my
Chromecast audio also, so I’m thinking interference may be the issue.

Unfortunately, I’m using a Luma mesh wifi network, and it’s super strong,
but they don’t give us control over channels yet. So I’m going to have to
do some digging.

Although, if it’s interference, I don’t know why it would work so
consistently when I manually toggle it from the Things page.