Sorry Smart Things, goodbye

The limit is 250 which your location last hit a couple weeks ago. So if you were having trouble in the past couple weeks when adding automations, it would have been something else.

Smart Lighting is different and doesn’t count towards the limit. Only scenes and custom automations do.

Here is an example as I understand it -

Say you have a scene and a custom automation:

Scene #1 Turn on lights A, B at sunset
Custom automation #1 Turn on lights A,B and set level to 100%

The total number of “behaviors” would be 4 as each device counts as 1.

  • Scene #1 counts as two (1 for each light turning on)
  • Custom automation #1 counts as two (1 for each light even though there are two actions for each of the two lights - on and set level)

Correction - A Custom automation that turns on and sets the dimming % of a single device counts as 1 behavior, not two.