Routines not triggering and/or are partially executing

(Steve White) #164

Check your hub logs as I suggested. This is something that has been going on for several weeks, at least for me.


I did and stopped bothering with it. At first I thought it was my lock causing all the issues and reset the entire lock, removed it from the SmartApp, yada yada yada. You know the drill. :slight_smile: That’s when I realized it was a “it’s not me, it’s you” situation. It’s a nuance that will eventually go away or be made worse by additional changes. Hehe.

I just wanted to report mine so that others don’t think they are going crazy and losing their minds.

And FYI Steve, the lock is Z-Wave so probably right in line with your issue and logging.

It’s the only device in the set of Arm Away/ Arm Home / Disarm Routines that has an issue. It’s never the MyQ Garage door or any of the lights within the Routine, just the lock and the issue doesn’t happen everytime the Routines run. Sometimes it’s 100% successful, sometimes it just doesn’t perform the lock and unlock, and sometimes there is a one minute delay in performing that portion of the Routine. Bizarre I tell ya.

I know at the end of last year, the UK had all sorts of issues with the Mode being ignored for all of their Routines and then also people having Routines tied to Sunset and Sunrise and those failing because their profile location did not contain those values.

I’ve learned that when these things are going on, I just don’t mess with them or try to make it worse.

(Mike) #166

Yup add me to the list of things not right. Reading above my oddities seem to be the same with things not being triggered at set times. Sunrise sunset being ignored … all sorts of weird things happening, its not so bad for us as we are mainly letting St control secondary lighting at night which is as much as i would entrust to St but for sure the above posts all sound familiar with our experiences


Mine’s been getting laggy and needs an almost daily reboot pretty much since the last firmware update. Then last night all time based Routines and time based Webcore automations stopped running. Support said reboot the hub, router and run a zwave repair. We’ll see it anything runs tonight.

(James) #168

@NMK95 Did the reboot/rebuild have any effect? I’m also seeing my routines fail to run but only when set to run at sunset. If I set them to a time then they run.

(James) #169

I ended up moving my automation into stringify and will probably look at doing that for the rest of them as well, leaving smartthings just to handle control until I decide on a better approach. So far they have been reliable.

(DJAC) #170

Guys. I have had the same issues and can verify that sunset sunrise is a problem. I just give times for routines and they are much better. Also I have fail safe to add incase one does not kick in. So
At 5 start home routine and switch on x lights.
Using webcore, I then check to see if that routine is on at that same time and if not, switch it on. This feature is further supplemented by our presence tags activating it when we get home.
They all work in harmony so you won’t even realise all the redundancies.
This extremity does not bother me as proper AI will have more than one fail-safe. So think of all angles of things that could go wrong and use webcore to compensate for losses.

Hope this helps.

(Francois B) #171

Hi, I bought 10 z-wave roller shades from ZebraBlinds and connected it to my Smartthings Hub V2 and I really like them. But sometime (like 1 out of 5 times) one of my shade doesn’t respond to the command (scene). My scene call routine that ask to 3 zigbee thermostats and 5 shade z-wave to set them. Sometime, everything work except 1 shade (randomly selected). After the shade doesn’t respond, I cannot manage it with my Smartthings App. I have to go with the controller and trigger the up/down button to make respond again to my Smarthings app.

Anybody had the same issue? What should I do to correct that?