Routines not overwriting properly


Looking for help because I can’t find a solution to this problem. Currently I have 6 routines established for my open/close door sensor:

Arm Away: When I leave the house it sets my bedroom door to armed away.
Disarmed: When I pull in the driveway it disarms the sensor.
Good Morning 1: Disarms the door early in the morning during work days.
Good Morning 2: Same for the weekends.
Good Night 1: Arm (Home) door during weekdays.
Good Night 2: Same for weekends.

It works flawless while I am at home but I noticed that if I spend the night somewhere else, it is still disarming the door in the morning or setting it to Arm (Home) at night. I set it to not trigger if I am away but that is not working. Here are the screenshots of the configuration of my routines: