Routines in ST

So I am new ST, but thought I had set this feature up correctly. I would like t set my Smart Home monitor to arm when I leave in the morning and turn off when I arrive at night

I thought all I would need to do is go into routines Set Smart home montoior and hit arm under goodbye and disarm under I am back.

Based on my location when I am within 3 blocks of my house, it would either activate or deactivate. Yet nothing happens unless I literallly tap the goodbye button or I am back button.

What am I doing wrong

The good news is this means the routines are working. The bad news is that you may be having issues with presence triggering. You’ll want to check that out and make sure your home location is set correctly and you have that set up in your routines. Do you have presence working for anything else?
This is a problem that several people have right now. Poll: Mobile Phone as a Presence Device with SmartThings

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In the setup for the routines towards the bottom is an option to “Automatically perform when”. You need to use that to configure those routines to automatically run when you leave/arrive.

If you’ve already done that then you may be having presence issues like Tracy mentioned.

Thanks Scott, I wasn’t very clear about what I meant by "have that set up in your routines"
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Thank you both @Sticks18 and @Carinda. I will test it out this morning. Now if I wanted to add my wife into the mix, does she need to download the ST app and then mirror my settings for rountines?

The routines should still be there when you hook up the app. ST currently has multiple users disabled** but you can log in with the same account that you use

**unless that was part of the update early this morning. Feel free to see if you can add a new user through your app.

Well I am kind of at a loss. I went in and enabled “Automatically perform goodbye when everyone leaves” I then went in and selected my iphone under “which” I also changed the action delay to 2 minutes, but nothing has changed.

I double checked under “my locations” the red pin is on my house. The red circle is about 2-3 block radius around my house and would expect when I my Iphone’s location were to enter or exit that circle the commands to alarm the “Smart Home Montior” would turn on/off.

Anything else I am missing? Under the 2nd tab at the bottom the foursquare looking icon and then “things” it shows my Iphone as AWAY which indicates to me my location service is working

I guess next solution if the location feature is not working, to enable under “automatically perform” to enable “at a specfic time”. That is times in the day when I typically leave/return to the house.

What a bummer the location feature doesnt work. Do they also refer to this as “presence”