Problems with using goodbye more than once a day

I am pretty new to ST, loving it so far but having issues with getting my routines running smoothly. I have goodbye and I’m back running perfectly, but if my wife.comes home at lunch I’m back runs but when she leaves goodbye doesn’t run again, and when she gets back I’m back doesn’t run again. I’m guessing I may need a goodbye 2 and I’m back 2 or something but hope someone can tell me if I’m missing something simpler. Thanks for any help community :smile:

It should work, have you checked if the presence is not acting up? I assume you trigger goodbye when everyone leaves…

Check the activity log on the app, see if it said it at least executed the routine. Sometimes ST will say it executed the routine, but then there is no summary of actions. This scenario is being reported in another thread…

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Could be you’re missing one mode change and then you run into the following problems: (this is a clickable link)

Basically just have to walk through your Mode changes and make sure you never trying to run routine when you’re already in that mode.

So first thing in the morning what mode is your house in? Maybe home?

You leave the house, what changes it to away?

Your wife comes home at lunch, if the house was in Away, does it change back to home again when she arrives? If not, and it still away, then the next goodbye routine will not run if it is also supposed to change it to away.

This might not have anything to do with what you’re seeing, but it’s a very common issue so it’s worth looking at.

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