Goodbye routine keeps executing even after I deleted it

I set up the Goodbye routine in the ST phone app to execute whenever everybody left the house as detected by cell phone presence. It turned out to be buggy for a long time. It would repeatedly execute throughout the day when everyone was out, and sometimes it would even execute when I was out but my wife was still home.

Eventually I removed all the automatic triggers so I would have to execute the Goodbye routine manually. But it would still execute itself when I left the house.

Finally I got so mad I deleted the Goodbye routine altogether, but it’s STILL sending me notifications when I leave the house!! WTF is going on and how can I fix this?

Open your presence sensor device in the classic app and click on SmartApps in the upper menu. Check there to see if it might be associated with other routines or apps that could be a cause also.

It’s associated with Routine Director and the I’m Back routine. Nothing about Goodbye.

I guess I could remove our phones as presence sensors and delete all the routines. Kind of makes me wonder what SmartThings is good for if I can’t use it to monitor our home while out, and trigger things as we come and go, though.